NSFW: Dread Central Presents: Horror's Most Inappropriate Sex Scenes

There is something in the air. Can you smell the sweet scent of lust? Be careful where you step, kids; things are bound to get extremely messy as we present to you some of our favorite and most inappropriate sex scenes that the horror genre has doled out over the years! Be warned right now ...

Banned Teeth Poster!

Though Teeth (DVD review) is already out Stateside, Momentum Pictures are just getting ready to release it in the UK this Friday, and apparently their marketing department have some sicker minds than those of us here do.

DVD Releases: Grizzly Teeth!

Toothy grizzlies are headed your way this Tuesday, May 6th, 2008. To best be prepared, make sure you fortify yourself with new horror DVD releases...

Teeth (DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Jess Weixler, John Hensley, Josh Pais, Hale Appleman, Lenny von Dohlen, Vivienne Benesch, Ashley Springer Directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein Distributed by Dimension Extreme

Exclusive Teeth Clip!

We have finally scored ourselves an exclusive clip from Teeth (review), the vagina dentata movie Dimension Extreme will be releasing on DVD come May 6th. I say “finally” because it wasn’t easy nail this sucker down; some would say it was like pulling teeth!

Better Teeth DVD Art!

Well, what do ya know ... there's been a revision for the DVD of Teeth (review).

Sink into Teeth's DVD

For those of us who missed the theatrical run of Teeth (review) early this year, we can rest easy that Dimension Extreme will be putting it out on DVD by May 1st.

Release Dates, Ratings Galore!

A slew of upcoming horror films have both been given ratings and moved release dates in the last few days. Instead of trying to make sense of it all narratively, I’ve decided to give you all a nice, easy-to-read chronological list! That’s how much I care.