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Watch Episode 1 of American Horror Story Online

Missed the premiere episode of "American Horror Story" on FX? Come on, kids! This is the digital age! Do you really think we'd let you fall behind? Of course not! Via the power of the interwebs you can watch the complete show right now online!

American Horror Story Videos - This Season on AHS, Home Invasion, and More from the House Calls Crew

Reactions to the premiere of "American Horror Story" have been mixed to say the least. It seems to be a case of "love it or hate it" with not much in-between. Let us know what you thought, but first take a peek at some new promo videos from FX: a "Home Invasion" TV spot, a look ahead to "This Season on American Horror Story", and two vids featuring winners of the network's very cool House Calls promotion.

New American Horror Story TV Spot Gauges Audience Reactions

It's premiere night for FX's "American Horror Story", and the network has released one more TV spot for the show, this time highlighting the reactions of preview audiences. Its catchy tagline? "Everything you love about a thriller ... Nothing you expect."

American Horror Story CENTRAL - First Impressions, Image Galleries and Tons of Videos for the Premiere #AHSFX

We cannot wait! Those three words pretty much sum up how we feel about "American Horror Story". So, in the spirit of sharing, we packaged this neat compilation of all our recent "American Horror Story" coverage to get you in the mood for the scares coming tonight.

UPDATED: A New Pair of American Horror Story Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Now that we've had a chance to preview the first episode of "American Horror Story", we feel pretty confident in recommending it to our readers. Just make sure the kiddies are in bed and you have some cold water to splash on your face once it's over! In the meantime here are two more behind-the-scenes videos to get you fired up for the premiere on Wednesday, October 5th.

Another New TV Spot for American Horror Story

Ready for this Wednesday's premiere of "American Horror Story" on FX? How about another TV spot, this one entitled "Bleach", to help build the excitement even further? And once you're done watching, be sure to check out our "First Impressions" of the show. It's a doozy!

First Impressions: American Horror Story

While "American Horror Story" is going to be a hard sell to the mainstream population, especially any misguided "gleeks" who wander in just because Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are involved, genre fans should love it. We had the chance to watch the first episode a few days early and are happy to report it's compelling, complex, and quite thought-provoking. Even an hour later the person I watched it with and I were still discussing it, trying to answer some of the questions it raised and coming up with quite a few others of our own.

American Horror Story Attic Artifacts Roundup Image Gallery

The following is a Dread Central Public Service Announcement™: We would like to take this time to remind you folks to set your DVRs for "American Horror Story"'s premiere episode on Wednesday, October 5th on FX. Failing to do so would be an epic fail on all counts. Thank you for your attention.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of American Horror Story

Has everyone set their DVR's for the Wednesday, October 5th, debut of "American Horror Story" on FX? Of all the genre TV series premiering and returning this month, it's among the ones we're most excited about. If you are, too, then you'll want to check out these new behind-the-scenes videos for the show.

American Horror Story - Dig on the First Five Minutes

Well now! Here's a pretty hefty preview for you! The first five minutes of the highly anticipated new show "American Horror Story". Don't ever say we don't love you. We do ... in that special kind of you are the wind beneath our wings though sometimes we'd like to clobber you with a wrench sort of way.

Three New American Horror Story TV Spots

We honestly can't remember when we've been more excited about a new genre TV show hitting the tube (maybe "The Walking Dead" last year?) than we are for "American Horror Story". Here to get those old appetites further whetted are three new TV spots released by FX: "Critics Are Saying", "Crazy", and "Life".

Watch the Opening Credits from American Horror Story

On the fence about watching FX's upcoming "American Horror Story"? We have a feeling the show's seriously creepy opening credits sequence might make up your mind for you. Read on for details of how you can watch the clip created by Kyle Cooper and his company, Prologue, who are also responsible for the acclaimed openers for Seven and "The Walking Dead".

American Horror Story House Call Shenanigans

The "American Horror Story" House Call videos have begun filtering onto the show's YouTube channel, and if you don't remember this promotion, as there are several supremely cool ones going on, basically you sign up at the show's site, and then if you're chosen, "The Thing in Black" comes to haunt you. Who doesn't like seeing folks have the shit scared out of them?

Stretchy New American Horror Story Artwork

While flipping through the pages of this week's Entertainment Weekly, we came across some more artwork for FX's upcoming "American Horror Story" so we fired up the old scanner and got busy!

New American Horror Story TV Spot - Maybe It's Just a Dream

Yet another creepy TV spot has shown up for FX's upcoming "American Horror Story", this one featuring series star Dylan McDermott as the victim of a very bad "Dream". With its October 5th premiere date drawing closer every day, look for more soon!