Don Mancini Says We’ll See Glen/Glenda Again One Day in a Chucky Film

As much as I loved the writer-director Don Mancini’s newest entry in the Child’s Play series, I did miss the presence of Glen and Glenda from Seed of Chucky (review). Evidently, I’m one of the few as Chucky-creator Don Mancini… Continue Reading

Brad Dourif Reveals the One Chucky Scene That Shocked Him

As every self-respecting horror fan knows, writer-director Don Mancini’s new Child’s Play sequel was just released this past Tuesday on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Netflix. And recently Chucky himself, Brad Dourif was interview by Daily Dead regarding Cult of Chucky… Continue Reading

Bride of Frankenstein Director Addresses Angelina Jolie Rumors

Universal’s Dark Universe hasn’t been off to a great start. But Bride of Frankenstein director Bill Condon doesn’t seem bothered by any of the ‘meh’ word-of-mouth. The Candyman 2: Farwell to the Flesh filmmaker recently sat down with Forbes and dropped some new… Continue Reading

Happy Death Day International Poster Gives Me Serious Silent Hill 3 Vibes

A Japanese poster for Blumhouse’s upcoming horror film Happy Death Day has been released and the image focuses on the strange mask we’ve seen in the trailer. Personally, the way it’s lit here and the face-on approach immediately calls to… Continue Reading