Bay, The (2012)


Cover art: news/sep12/thebay.jpg Starring Will Rogers, Stephen Kunken, Kether Donohue, Christopher Denham, Frank Deal, Kristen Connolly Directed by Barry Levinson Academy Award winning director Barry Levinson decided to jump on the found footage horror bandwagon, and although one would think… Continue Reading

TIFF 2012: Review Explosion Part 2: Aftershock, The Lords of Salem, Here Comes the Devil, Passion, No One Lives, Byzantium

Source Name: The Toronto International Film Festival Source Url: Post Thumb: /jul12/tiff12.jpg Alrighty! Our second batch of reviews is here from the Toronto International Film Festival, and the verdict on Aftershock, The Lords of Salem, Here Comes the Devil,… Continue Reading

Byzantium (2012)


Cover art: news/apr12/byz.jpg Starring Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, Caleb Landry Jones, Danny Mays, Jonny Lee Miller, Tom Hollander, Sam Riley, Warren Brown Directed by Neil Jordan Eighteen years ago director Neil Jordan brought forth the film adaptation of Anne Rice’s… Continue Reading

TIFF 2012: No One Lives – Interview With Director Ryuhei Kitamura

Post Thumb: /aug11/nols.jpg It has been four years since admired Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura unleashed Midnight Meat Train to audiences, and aficionados of his work showed their support for his latest American horror flick, No One Lives, by attending the… Continue Reading

Here Comes the Devil (2012)


Cover art: news/jul12/hctd1.jpg Starring Laura Caro, Francisco Barreiro, Alan Martinez, Michele Garcia Directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano Director Adrian Garcia Bogliano unleashed his latest horror film, Here Comes the Devil, to an unsuspecting audience at the Toronto International Film Festival… Continue Reading

TIFF 2012: Cinedigm Decides to Come Out and Play

Post Thumb: /jul12/tiff12.jpg Cinedigm Entertainment Group acquired North American rights to Makinov’s Come Out and Play, a remake of the 1970s flick Who Can Kill A Child? They’ve announced a theatrical release early next year followed by VOD, digital, and… Continue Reading

TIFF 2012: Thale Lands US Distribution with XLrator Media

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /may12/thales.jpg Another film we’ve been talking about for a while now has landed US distribution during the still going Toronto International Film Festival (it ends Sunday, September 16th): Thale will be released… Continue Reading

TIFF 2012: Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem – Read the Review!

Post Thumb: /may11/salem.jpg The waiting is over, and the verdict is here! Does Rob Zombie’s latest film, The Lords of Salem, shape up into everything we have been hoping for? Has the director finally been unchained from the Hollywood leash?… Continue Reading