The Top 5 Best Slasher Treats to Cut Through Your Christmas Stockings

The exploitative sub-genre known as the slasher film is a very basic type of horror rarely challenging its audience. It relies purely on its unsophistication with familiar tropes to entertain, employing a simple chase-and-kill formula with often campy and cheesy… Continue Reading

Movie Battle: Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) vs. Silent Night (2012)

It’s almost Christmas! Pull out the stockings, hang up the mistletoe, and grab your favorite Christmas-themed horror movies! While traditionally a time for big blockbusters and sentimental classics, horror fans have plenty of entertaining fare to enjoy during the holidays.… Continue Reading

30th Anniversary Silent Night, Deadly Night Retrospective: Part 3

After Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2 failed to garner even half the reaction that the original film did, the subsequent installments in the franchise from that point forward all went straight-to-video. It was in 1989 that rights holders LIVE… Continue Reading