#SDCC16: Supernatural Super-Fan Proposes During Panel


File this one as an incredibly strange, yet undeniably cool human interest story! During the annual “Supernatural” panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, one obsessed fan, Colin Chavez, took his obsession with his girlfriend to a heart-warming new level in… Continue Reading

#SDCC16: Rick Springfield Getting Devilish for Supernatural; More on Mary’s Return and Horror Focus in Season 12

When a series lasts as long as “Supernatural,” which is heading into its 12th season, it’s easy for it to fall off the rails and/or just go through the motions; but that definitely hasn’t been the case here.  In fact,… Continue Reading

Full Details on A Very Special Supernatural Special and the Season 10 Premiere Episode 10.01 – Black

Supernatural Season 10

It sounds like “Supernatural” is ready to paint it “Black” in its October 7th Season 10 premiere episode, but first on October 6th The CW is airing “A Very Special Supernatural Special,” which takes a past and future look at… Continue Reading

First Casting News for Supernatural: Tribes Includes One of The Originals

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: http://www.deadline.com/2014/02/supernatural-spinoff-tribes-nathaniel-buzolic-lucien-laviscount-cw/ Post Thumb: /studios/thecw.jpg The CW has revealed the first two cast members of its “Supernatural” spinoff, “Supernatural: Tribes,” and one of them will be a very familiar face for those of you who also… Continue Reading

Blinky Says Watch this Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg “Supernatural” is on hiatus for one more week, but when it returns, all roads lead to Sam tackling the third trial. He does get a little reprieve, however, in Episode 8.20, “Pac-Man Fever,” which sees the return… Continue Reading

Chill Out with an Image Gallery from Supernatural Episode 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_9x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_10x’ We still have a week and a half to wait for the return of “Supernatural” with Episode 8.20, “Pac-Man Fever,” but in the meantime you… Continue Reading

Felicia Day Returns in Supernatural Episode 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever; See the Synopsis and Preview!

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg It’s spring break time on The CW with the next episode of “Supernatural” not arriving until April 24th. But since it features the return of Felicia Day, we’re happy to wait for “Pac-Man Fever”! “Supernatural” Episode 8.20… Continue Reading

Jeremy Carver’s Producer Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.10 – Torn and Frayed

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg “Supernatural” is rarely better than when Mark Sheppard is onscreen as Crowley, and when “Supernatural” returns to The CW on January 16th, he’s on the offensive. Check out a new preview of Episode 8.10, “Torn and Frayed,”… Continue Reading

Sew Up an Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.10 – Torn and Frayed

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_9x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_10x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_11x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_12x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn810_13x’ We’re finally just a few days away from the return of “Supernatural” to The CW, and to celebrate, we have an image… Continue Reading

Missing Supernatural? Watch a Clip from Next Week’s Episode 8.10 – Torn and Frayed

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg “Supernatural” finally returns from its holiday hiatus next Wednesday, December 16th, and we have a clip from the episode, which is entitled “Torn and Frayed.” Looks like it’s time for our boys to go on the offensive!… Continue Reading

Official Synopsis Revealed for Supernatural Episode 8.10 – Torn and Frayed

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Both angels and demons figure prominently in the upcoming Episode 8.10 of “Supernatural,” entitled “Torn and Frayed,” and we have a look at the ep’s official synopsis, released by The CW today as a post-Christmas treat for… Continue Reading

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.04 – Bitten

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn804_9x’ “Supernatural” Season 8 is off and running, and while the rift between Sam and Dean feels a bit familiar, everything else is so far, so good;… Continue Reading

Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Reminder; Synopsis for Episode 8.04 – Bitten

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg In case “Supernatural” Season 8’s October 3rd premiere date snuck up on you, that’s TONIGHT, and we have some promo artwork for the show’s return to share along with the official synopsis of Episode 8.04, “Bitten,” which… Continue Reading

The First Clip Arrives for Supernatural Episode 8.01 – We Need to Talk About Kevin

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg After a year apart, Sam and Dean reunite in the Season 8 premiere of “Supernatural,” titled “We Need to Talk About Kevin”; and the first clip from the episode has arrived. Look for the return of “Supernatural”… Continue Reading