The Babysitter Review: This Is One Nasty Ride!

Starring Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Hana Mae Lee, Bella Thorne, Andrew Bachelor, Robbie Amell Directed by McG If you were told “McG directed a horror comedy for Netflix that subverts home invasion tropes and is a certified blast,” would you… Continue Reading

The Babysitter Commits Human Sacrifice This Friday the 13th

Netflix has released a teaser for The Babysitter, their upcoming original film that will come out Friday, October 13th. In the trailer, you’ll get a feel for the film, which definitely falls in the “horror/comedy” subgenre. The plot focuses on… Continue Reading

Image Gallery and Preview of The Tomorrow People Episode 1.02 – In Too Deep

Post Thumb: /may13/tomorrowpeoplethumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_1x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_2x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_3x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_4x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_5x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_6x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_7x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_8x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_9x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_10x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp102_11x’ So, did you check out “The Tomorrow People” last night? We’re still not sure about covering it, but as long as Mark Pellegrino figures… Continue Reading

New Stills Shed a Bit More Light on The Tomorrow People Series Premiere

Post Thumb: /may13/tomorrowpeoplethumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_1x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_2x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_4x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_5x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_6x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_7x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_9x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_10x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tp101_11x’ The CW’s remake of UK 1970’s series “The Tomorrow People” kicks off in just one week, and as promised a few days ago, here are several… Continue Reading

One of the Original Tomorrow People Signs on to The CW’s Remake

Source Name: TV Guide Source Url: Post Thumb: /may13/tomorrowpeoplethumb.jpg If you’re a fan of the original “The Tomorrow People,” which aired in the UK in the 70’s, and are wondering whether or not to tune in to The CW’s… Continue Reading

Meet The Tomorrow People in this Image Gallery of the Characters

Post Thumb: /may13/tomorrowpeoplethumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast1x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast2x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast3x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast4x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast5x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast6x’, ‘/gallery/tomorrowpeople/tpcast7x’ The CW’s “The Tomorrow People” premieres on Wednesday, October 9th, and we have a new image gallery to share that introduces you to the cast. If you like… Continue Reading