Prequels Hollower and Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown Now Up for Pre-Order

MJ Dixon’s Slasher House (review) has turned into a bit of a franchise as along with a sequel that’s in production now, there are two(!) prequels – Hollower and Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown – that just became available… Continue Reading

I Am Legend Prequel and Sequel Ideas Revealed; Movie Not Happening

Source Name: i09 Source Url: Post Thumb: /feb12/legend.jpg Talk has been circulating about a sequel to the I Am Legend Will Smith film for a while now, and website i09 caught up with writer/producer Akiva Goldsman, who shared many… Continue Reading

Going to the Movies This Weekend? Look Out for These Bates Motel Promo Items!

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Dare You Spend Five Minutes at the Bates Motel?

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Peep Through the Doors of the Bates Motel

Post Thumb: /sep12/batess.jpg A new interactive website has been set up for A&E’s new series based upon the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, “Bates Motel,” complete with peepholes and other bits of nasty tailor-made for your prying eyes! Just click on… Continue Reading

New Artwork and Teaser for Bates Motel Filled with Motherly Love

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /sep12/batess.jpg A boy’s best friend is his mother. Though in the loony world of Norman Bates, his right hand and a tissue will work in a pinch. In any event, A&E has… Continue Reading

New Bates Motel Posters Tease Horrors to Come

Post Thumb: /sep12/batess.jpg The March 18th premiere of A&E’s “Bates Motel” is inching closer, and to help build the anticipation even more, the network has released a few new teaser posters. Check in right here! From the Press Release: A&E… Continue Reading

More Teaser Videos and Opening Credits Check In for Bates Motel

Post Thumb: /sep12/batess.jpg Excited for the March 18th premiere of “Bates Motel” on A&E? To help fill the time between now and then, we have three new teaser videos for you to watch along with a fan-made opening credits sequence.… Continue Reading

Visit the Bates Motel in March

Post Thumb: /sep12/batess.jpg Bob DeBitetto, President and GM of A&E Network and Bio Channel, announced today that the highly anticipated new series “Bates Motel” will be making its premiere on Monday, March 18, at 10 PM ET/PT. Hint: You’d better… Continue Reading