Maniac Banned in New Zealand

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /may12/maniacs.jpg Attention, New Zealand… Get a grip, will ya? According to Deadline, New Zealand’s Office of Film and Literature Classification says Maniac can be shown only if it’s being used in a… Continue Reading

Incredible New Maniac Posters Hit the Web

Source Name: Midnight Marauder Source Url: Post Thumb: /may12/maniacs.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb1x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb2x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb3x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb4x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb5x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb6x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb7x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb8x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb9x’, ‘/gallery/maniac/maniacb10x’ Midnight Marauder has created a series of new Maniac one-sheets in conjunction with the Alternative Movie Posters /… Continue Reading