The Walking Dead: Lennie James Talks Playing Morgan; Other Cast Members Talk the Season 3 Finale that Could Have Been

Source Name: EW Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/twdlogo.jpg While we wallow in zombie-less misery until “The Walking Dead” returns, here are a video featuring Lennie James reminiscing about his two appearances as Morgan and some info on the original… Continue Reading

2013 Saturn Award Winners Announced; The Cabin in the Woods and The Walking Dead Win Top Horror Prizes

Source Name: Saturn Awards Source Url: Post Thumb: /jul12/saturnawards.jpg The 2013 Saturn Awards were handed out last night, and while horror was pushed to the background a bit, a lot of our favorites (and one glaring non-favorite) took home… Continue Reading

Andrea’s Ready for a Fight in New Still from The Walking Dead Episode 3.14 – Prey

Source Name: TV Guide Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/twdlogo.jpg In this new still from next Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” entitled “Prey,” it looks like Andrea (Laurie Holden) has decided if she’s on Team Rick or Team Philip,… Continue Reading

Limited Edition Home Video Packaging Revealed for The Walking Dead Season 3

Source Name: MTV Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/twdlogo.jpg How do you top home video packaging that included a zombie head with a screwdriver handle sticking out of its eye socket? Well, you give us more heads… this time with… Continue Reading

Dread Central Attends the Emmys’ Evening with The Walking Dead

Source Name: Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/twdlogo.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel1x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel2x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel3x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel4x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel5x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel6x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel7x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel8x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel9x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel10x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel11x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel12x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel13x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel14x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel15x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel16x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel17x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel18x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel19x’, ‘/gallery/walkingdead/twd3tvpanel20x’ On February 5th the Academy of Television Arts and… Continue Reading

Dread Central Hosting Mid-Season Viewing Party for The Walking Dead THIS SUNDAY in Thousand Oaks, CA!

Post Thumb: /stock/twdlogo.jpg Hey, California area “Walking Dead” fans; get ready for something truly epic this Sunday night! Dread Central’s Heather Wixson will be hosting a mid-season finale Watch Party for “The Walking Dead” at the Muvico Theaters in Thousand… Continue Reading