The Final Station – The Only Traitor (Video Game DLC)

The Only Traitor

Developed by Oleg Sergeev, Andrey Rumak, and Do My Best Published by tinyBuild Available on PC through Steam Suitable for ages 13+ The Final Station is one of those games that I remember liking more than I actually did. At… Continue Reading

For Art’s Sake: Interview with Team Nilo; Why Asemblance Is My Art Game of the Year

As you could tell from my review, I was a pretty big fan of Asemblance. This is rare for me. I like indie art games conceptually, but in practice I find them to be full of more shit than a… Continue Reading

19 Indie Games You Should Check Out Immediately

Horror Indie Games

Merry spooks-mas everyone! It’s that time of year again where young and old alike delight in fright! There’s something intoxicating about the leaves slowly dying and the ground turning brown as the nights grow long. The smell of slow decay… Continue Reading

Glass Eye Pix Announces 30th Anniversary Screenings and Appearances

Production company Glass Eye Pix, founded by indie maven Larry Fessenden, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year; and numerous events are planned, including personal appearances by Fessenden, special screenings of GEP films, and lots more. If you’re a fan… Continue Reading

For Art’s Sake: The Static Speaks My Name

It may seem due to my often crass humor and base sensibilities that art games would not appeal to me, which is generally true in practice and incorrect in theory. I actually like art in most forms, especially interactive media.… Continue Reading

Inside Horror: Episode 4 – Oren Peli Talks The River and of Course … The Paranormal Activity Franchise

Source Name: Inside Horror Source Url: Post Thumb: /jan12/insidehorrors.jpg Inside Horror is back, and in the hot seat this week is none other than Oren Peli, creator of ABC’s “The River” and the Paranormal Activity franchise! Get ready to… Continue Reading