Corey Feldman’s 6 Degrees of Hell Freezes Over in November; Official Details

Post Thumb: /sep11/sixds.jpg We’ve brought you every bit of information we’ve been able to get our grubby little hands on about 6 Degrees of Hell, starring Corey Feldman. Now we’ve got the scoop you’ve been waiting for: the DVD/Blu-ray release… Continue Reading

Indie Horror Month Interview: Actor/Director Joe Raffa Talks Six Degrees of Hell and More

Post Thumb: /stock/ihm.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell1x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell2x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell3x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell4x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell5x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell6x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell7x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell8x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell9x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell10x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell11x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell12x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell13x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell14x’, ‘/gallery/sixdegreesofhell/sixdegreesofhell15x’ At age 21 actor/director Joe Raffa is already making quite a name for himself on the independent filmmaking scene. His… Continue Reading

Full Six Degrees of Hell Trailer Sneaks Online

Source Name: Fabrication Films Source Url: Post Thumb: /sep11/sixds.jpg The Internet is a crazy place. You just never know what’s gonna pop up where and for how long. Case in point: the second trailer for the upcoming indie spooker… Continue Reading