Wish Upon Soundtrack and Score Albums Arrive Digitally on Friday

While most horror fans are set to go Ape this weekend, there’s also another genre project heading to theaters, Wish Upon; and its soundtrack and score albums are both being made available digitally on the same day as the film’s… Continue Reading

Metal Band Goya Releases Blackfire Video from The Devil’s Candy Soundtrack

The soundtrack from The Devil’s Candy (review) is available now, with songs from and inspired by the metal-charged horror film; and if you’re a fan of music that falls on the heavy side of the fence, then read on for a look… Continue Reading

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Soundtrack Arriving on Vinyl; 25th Anniversary Screenings Announced

With the “Twin Peaks” continuation arriving soon, it was inevitable that the 25th anniversary of the series’ companion film, Fire Walk with Me, would receive some recognition. Not only is Death Waltz Recording Company releasing the soundtrack on vinyl, but… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Composer Giona Ostinelli Talks Scoring Carnage Park, Working with Mickey Keating, and More!

Mickey Keating’s Carnage Park (review) is hitting limited theaters and VOD outlets beginning July 1st, and it marks the director’s fourth time working with composer Giona Ostinelli. Ahead of the IFC Midnight release, we had a chance to pick Ostinelli’s… Continue Reading

Wrap Your Ears Round Necrostorm Music Vol. 1: The Pillars

Necrostorm Music Vol 1: The Pillars

If there’s one thing that stands out besides the jaw-dropping splatter in flicks such as Hotel Inferno (review), Taeter City (review) and, most recently, The Mildew from Planet Xonader (review) — all courtesy of Italian studio Necrostorm — it’s the… Continue Reading