New Image Gallery Opens for The Midnight After

Source Name: Twitch Film Source Url: Post Thumb: /feb14/midnight-after-s.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter1x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter2x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter3x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter4x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter5x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter6x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter7x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter8x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter9x’, ‘/gallery/midnightafter/midnightafter10x’ Director Fruit Chan. His film Dumplings was weird. Hell, even his name is a little weird. That’s why… Continue Reading

Fruit Chan Delivers Horror in The Midnight After

Source Name: Screen Daily Source Url: Post Thumb: /may13/fruit-chan.jpg Somewhere deep inside of us there’s a spot that still hasn’t forgiven director Fruit Chan for what he did to our psyche with his disturbing flick Dumplings (we can still… Continue Reading