Sofia Vergara Lactates Terror in Latest Machete Kills Poster

Source Name: Entertainment Weekly Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg Yep, the headline pretty much says it all. There’s nothing like a set of deadly ta-tas unleashing some well placed hellfire to get the old blood pumping. Check out this… Continue Reading

First Look: Machete Kills Amber Heard and Gets a Lapdance!

Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg The first image from the upcoming Robert Rodriguez sequel Machete Kills is here, and it gives us yet another reason to be very, very jealous of star Danny Trejo. Mr. Rodriguez, we are sure Mr. Trejo’s penis… Continue Reading

Robert Rodriguez Provides an Update on Machete Kills

Source Name: MTV Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg In case you were hoping to see Lindsay Lohan reprise her role from Machete in the film’s sequel, Machete Kills, that’s not happening, but director Robert Rodriguez has revealed a few… Continue Reading

Producers Looking to Kill Machete Kills

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg In the world of Machete nothing is ever easy for the blade-wielding Super-Mexican. Sure he gets all the babes in the movies, but in real life things aren’t as pleasurable. In… Continue Reading

Alexa Vega Stunning in Machete Kills

Source Name: Rolling Stone Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg Rolling Stone caught the first glimpse of Alexa Vega in Machete Kills, the Robert Rodriguez-directed sequel that brings back Danny Trejo as the blade-savvy former Mexican Federale, and all we… Continue Reading

Machete Kills on an Open Road

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg It’s been a few weeks since we last talked about Machete Kills, but some really good news has come! Open Road Films has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Machete Kills, the… Continue Reading

Marko Zaror Fights His Way Through Machete Kills

Source Name: Twitch Film Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg If there’s one thing you can expect from Machete Kills (other than

More Hotness Signs Up for Machete Kills

Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg If Robert Rodriguez packs any more hot chicks into the cast for Machete Kills, star Danny Trejo is likely to come down with a fatal case of priapism. Still, in retrospect, what a way to go! Read… Continue Reading

More Machete Kills Fun! New Poster and Extra Set Visit

Source Name: William Sadler on Twitter Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg Looking forward to seeing Danny Trejo hack away at the bad guys in the upcoming grindhouse-like flick Machete Kills? Good! Then you’ll be very happy to hear that… Continue Reading

Lady Gaga Puts on Her Poker Face in Machete Kills

Source Name: Robert Rodriguez on Twitter Source Url:!/Rodriguez Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg You know what Machete Kills was in desperate need of? More hot chicks! In her never-ending quest to follow in each of Madonna’s footsteps, Lady Gaga is throwing… Continue Reading

Alexa Vega Nothing Short of Drool-Worthy in Latest Machete Kills Image

Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg You know who the luckiest guy in the world of film is? Danny Trejo. Why? Because Robert Rodriguez loves surrounding this cat with incredibly beautiful women. Need another fine (and we mean fine) example? Check out this… Continue Reading

Take a Peek Behind-the-Scenes of Machete Kills

Source Name: Nuevon on YouTube Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg YouTube user Nuevon recently got the chance to visit the set of the now filming Machete Kills, and he’s come back with a behind-the-scenes look at the flick that’s…… Continue Reading

William Sadler Stalks Machete Kills

Source Name: Bloody Disgusting Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg Another character actor has joined the ranks of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills, and this time it’s not a hot chick! See, miracles do happen! Even in the world of violent… Continue Reading

Machete Kills Cast Gets a Double Dose of Hot with Electra and Elise Avellan

Source Name: Variety Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr12/machetes.jpg The only thing more staggering than the body count we’re going to see in the upcoming Mexploitation gore-fest Machete Kills is the number of hot chicks Robert Rodriguez has surrounded star… Continue Reading