Z Nation’s Karl Schaefer Talks Taking on The Walking Dead, Love Interests, Why Zombies? and LOTS More

Syfy's Z Nation

Did you tune in Friday night for the debut of “Z Nation” on Syfy? Just before the premiere executive producer/showrunner Karl Schaefer took part in a roundtable discussion about the show, and we have the highlights here along with a… Continue Reading

Official Full-Length Trailer for Syfy’s Z Nation Shambles In

Z Nation

“Z Nation” kicks off tomorrow night, and after showing us a few teasers and some videos they dubbed “WTF,” the powers-that-be at Syfy have now released the official full-length trailer for the show. “Z Nation,” produced by The Asylum, is… Continue Reading

Get Bitten by These New Images from Supernatural Episode 9.12 – Sharp Teeth

Post Thumb: /sep13/supernaturals.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_9x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_10x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn912_11x’ The CW didn’t release a clip from “Sharp Teeth,” tonight’s Episode 9.12 of “Supernatural,” which features the return of Garth; but we do have… Continue Reading

Previews of The Originals Ep. #1.12 – Dance Back from the Grave and Supernatural Ep. #9.12 – Sharp Teeth

Post Thumb: /sep13/supernaturals.jpg The CW hasn’t provided any clips yet from next week’s episodes of “The Originals” (#1.12 – “Dance Back from the Grave”) and “Supernatural” (#9.12 – “Sharp Teeth”), but we have previews of each to tide us over… Continue Reading

Drink from These Images from Supernatural Episode 8.06 – Southern Comfort

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn806_9x’ With Halloween now behind us and the mainstream holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas breathing down our necks, who couldn’t use a big ol’ shot of “Southern… Continue Reading

Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.06 – Southern Comfort

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Next week brings the return of DJ Qualls to “Supernatural” as the hunter Garth, and now we have a look at the preview of the episode, entitled “Southern Comfort.” Episode 8.06 – “Southern Comfort” (airs 11/7/12, 9-10… Continue Reading

Synopsis Now Available for DJ Qualls’ Return to Supernatural in Episode 8.06 – Southern Comfort

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg We already knew DJ Qualls would be returning to “Supernatural” as the hunter Garth, whom we met last season, and now we have the full details on his reappearance in Episode 8.06, “Southern Comfort.” Episode 8.06 –… Continue Reading

A Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.18 – Party on, Garth

Source Name: “Supernatural” on The CW Source Url: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/supernatural Post Thumb: /stock/supernaturalthumb.jpg In this clip from “Supernatural” Episode 7.18, “Party on, Garth”, the Winchesters visit one of their favorite home away from homes: the morgue! Better soak in all the… Continue Reading