Dante Tomaselli’s Torture Chamber Finally Opening Up

Post Thumb: /oct11/tc.jpg Five years after we first posted about Satan’s Playground director Dante Tomaselli’s Torture Chamber, the film is at long last headed home. The epic journey comes to an end on January 28, 2014, when Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment… Continue Reading

Kathryn Morris Mothers Alice Sweet Alice

Source Name: The Inquisitr Source Url: http://www.inquisitr.com/619811/dante-tomaselli-talks-alice-sweet-alice-remake-casts-kathryn-morris-as-lead/ Post Thumb: /oct12/asass.jpg The first bit of casting news for Dante Tomaselli’s remake of Alfred Sole’s 1976 child slasher opus Alice, Sweet Alice has arrived with the addition of “Cold Case” star Kathryn… Continue Reading

New Torture Chamber Stills Bring the Pain

Post Thumb: /oct11/tc.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb1x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb2x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb3x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb4x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb5x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb6x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb7x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber1x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber2x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber3x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber4x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber5x’ What would a holiday weekend be without a little mayhem, maiming and torture? Kind of dull methinks. That’s why we’ve scored some new… Continue Reading

New Torture Chamber Stills and Update

Post Thumb: /oct11/tc.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber1x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber2x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber3x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber4x’, ‘/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber5x’ Director Dante Tomaselli dropped us a line this morning with some new stills and a quick update on his long awaited flick Torture Chamber, and we have all the goods… Continue Reading

Some New Eye Candy to Lure You Into the Torture Chamber

During this “Indie Horror Month” we’re focusing on independent filmmakers and their upcoming projects, and one name that we’ve been keeping tabs on for quite some time now is Dante Tomaselli, who just released a new poster for Torture Chamber.… Continue Reading