Cannes 2017: US Rights to Horror Comedy Tragedy Girls Expected to Go Quickly

The horror comedy feature Tragedy Girls premiered at this year’s South by Southwest film fest, and now it’s heading to Cannes, where The Exchange CEO Brian O’Shea and his team will be screening it at the Market for international territories.… Continue Reading

This Is the End Is the Final Movie Rented at Blockbuster

Post Thumb: /dec12/ends.jpg It’s kind of funny that out of all the millions of movies available on DVD and Blu-ray, the horror comedy This Is the End ended up being the final title rented at Blockbuster Video before officially closing… Continue Reading

This Is the End Returns to Theaters This Weekend!

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /dec12/ends.jpg Before this year’s funniest movie hits DVD & Blu-ray on October 1st, we’ve got one more chance to experience the hilarious hijinks on the big screen! If you haven’t seen This… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Director Paul Middleditch Talks the Apocalypse and Rapture-Palooza

Post Thumb: /may13/rapturepalooza-poster-s.jpg You won’t confuse Rapture-palooza with other end of the world comedies, mainly due to the title and because it’s the only film where Craig Robinson plays the antichrist who decided to settle down in Seattle. The film’s… Continue Reading

A Boatload of New Rapture-Palooza Images Helps Usher in the Apocalypse

Post Thumb: /may13/rapturepalooza-poster-s.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza1x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza2x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza3x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza4x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza5x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza6x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza7x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza8x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza9x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza10x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza11x’, ‘/gallery/rapturepalooza/rapturepalooza12x’, Lionsgate’s apocalyptic horror comedy Rapture-Palooza is well on its way to DVD and Blu-ray, and to herald the end’s arrival, we have a… Continue Reading

This Is the End Meets MTV’s The Real World in New Promo Video; See the International Red Band Trailer

Post Thumb: /dec12/ends.jpg Everything we’ve seen from This Is the End so far has us pretty excited for the film’s premiere on Wednesday, including this latest promo mash-up with MTV’s “The Real World.” In the following video the This Is… Continue Reading

This Is the End (2013)


Cover art: reviews/this-is-the-end-s.jpg Starring Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg This Is the End opens with co-writer/director Seth Rogen picking up long-time friend and fellow Canadian Jay… Continue Reading