First Look at Michael Madsen in The Lost Tree

Post Thumb: /feb13/lostrees.jpg Another still is here from Brian A. Metcalf’s new horror/drama The Lost Tree, and it features Michael Madsen looking visibly disturbed. Or it could just be Michael Madsen looking like Michael Madsen. You decide! Synopsis: Michael Madsen… Continue Reading

New Big Ass Spider! Stills Spin their Web

Post Thumb: /feb13/bass.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider1x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider2x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider3x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider4x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider5x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider6x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider7x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider8x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider9x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider10x’, ‘/gallery/bigassspider/bigassspider11x’ Alrighty, kids, time to add a little sticky to your morning with a slew of images from the upcoming Mike Mendez flick Big Ass… Continue Reading