Pacific Rim Uprising Has Been Pushed Back But Not By Too Much

Legendary has pushed back the release date for Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 giant monster sci-fi/action film, from February 23, 2018, to March 23, 2018. So, exactly one month, which isn’t too long; and we… Continue Reading

New Pacific Rim Stills Filled with Death and Destruction

Post Thumb: /may13/pacific-rim-thumb.jpg If you thought you possibly couldn’t get more excited for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, then you obviously haven’t seen these latest stills, which certainly speak for themselves. Is it July yet? Look for Pacific Rim, directed… Continue Reading

Take a Peek at the Opening Pages of Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero

Post Thumb: /may13/pacific-rim-thumb.jpg The graphic novel prequel to Pacific Rim entitled Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero is heading at us like a speeding explosive rocket to the head of rampaging Kaiju and we have a look at the opening… Continue Reading

Pacific Rim Friday Bonanza: UK Football Competition Spot and Details; Moments Worth Paying For Trailer

Post Thumb: /jul11/pacrims.jpg Some new goodies have come in for Pacific Rim to kick off your weekend, and our readers across the pond will want to pay special attention to the “Ultimate Football Experience” contest over on the film’s UK… Continue Reading

Geek Boner Alert: New Pacific Rim One-Sheet Will Have You Walking Funny

Post Thumb: /jul11/pacrims.jpg Oh, the joy this latest one-sheet for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim fills us with! It’s immeasurable. There’s just so much right about it. We suspect many a wallpaper will be made out of this baby. Check… Continue Reading

Latest Pacific Rim Viral Engineered to Win

Post Thumb: /jul11/pacrims.jpg Another propaganda poster for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming giant robot vs. giant monster extravaganza, Pacific Rim, has arrived; and like the others in this series, it’s all about stomping some Kaiju ass! Look for Pacific Rim, directed… Continue Reading