Anti-Bullying White Rabbit Aims for Wider Release with Kickstarter Campaign

Social commentary is a common trait among some of the best horror films; will the anti-bullying White Rabbit continue that tradition? The film is set for release by Breaking Glass Pictures in 10 cities and on VOD starting February 13th,… Continue Reading

White Rabbit with True Blood’s Sam Trammell Hops into Theaters and onto VOD in February

Since “True Blood” ended its run on HBO, we’ve been wondering when we might see some of the cast members in other roles; and if you were a Merlotte’s regular, you’ll be happy to hear that Sam Trammell stars in… Continue Reading

Raise the Curtains of this Image Gallery for the Under the Dome Season 1 Finale

Post Thumb: /may11/utdthumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_1x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_2x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_3x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_4x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_5x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_6x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_7x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_8x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_9x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_10x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_11x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_12x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_13x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_14x’, ‘/gallery/underthedome/underthedome113_15x’ Ready for a few more clues of what’s in store for the residents of Chester’s Mill in the Season 1… Continue Reading

The End Is Near in this Preview of Under the Dome Episode 1.13 – Curtains

Post Thumb: /may11/utdthumb.jpg In the Season 1 cliffhanger finale of “Under the Dome,” entitled “Curtains,” CBS promises the secrets of the dome, including the monarch’s identity, will be revealed while Barbie’s life hangs in the balance. Can’t wait for next… Continue Reading

Junior Visits Angie in this Sneak Peek of Under the Dome Episode 1.09 – The Fourth Hand

Post Thumb: /jun13/underthedomethumb.jpg If this clip from “Under the Dome” Episode 1.09, “The Fourth Hand,” can be believed, it looks like maybe Junior (Alex Koch) isn’t so crazy after all thinking something’s wrong with Angie (Britt Robertson)! Check it out,… Continue Reading

Stephen King Responds to Under the Dome Changes; Blu-ray Box Set Packaging Leaked

Source Name: Official Stephen King Website Source Url: Post Thumb: /jun13/underthedomethumb.jpg As is normally the case when a writer’s book is adapted in any fashion, there are always changes to be made to the plot, the characters, etc. This… Continue Reading

Under the Dome Video Blowout: Recap of the Pilot; Preview of Episode 1.02 – The Fire; Full Premiere Q&A Panel

Source Name: The Wrap Source Url: Post Thumb: /jun13/underthedomethumb.jpg Last night’s airing of “Under the Dome” gave CBS the most-watched summer premiere of any network since 2007, and we have more info on that along with a ton of… Continue Reading

Britt Robertson and Naomi Scott Battling it out for Tomorrowland Role

Source Name: The Hollywood Reporter Source Url: Post Thumb: /jun13/naomi-scott.jpg Some quick news coming in from THR… After an exhaustive search, Disney and director Brad Bird are zeroing in on the star of the much-buzzed about sci-fi project Tomorrowland.… Continue Reading

Ex-Twilight Star Heads Under the Dome

Source Name: The Hollywood Reporter Source Url: Post Thumb: /may11/utdthumb.jpg Another lead role has been filled for the CBS adaptation of Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” as former Twilight star Rachelle Lefevre signs on to the miniseries, which will… Continue Reading

More Under the Dome Casting Breaks Bad

Source Name: TV Guide Source Url: Post Thumb: /may11/utdthumb.jpg And the casting news continues for CBS’s upcoming adaptation of the Stephen King tale “Under the Dome.” Another actor has signed on for active duty, and he is one of… Continue Reading