Rick and Morty Get Spooky with New Non-Canonical Adventures

Rick and Morty

“Rick and Morty” has quickly become a phenomenon, developing a truly passionate fan base who enjoy their humor delivered in a delightfully disturbing manner. Speaking of which… Adult Swim just uploaded some new hilarious Non-Canonical Adventures to their YouTube page… Continue Reading

The Best Dystopian Novels that Could Predict our Future World

No matter which side of the political fence you fall on, you can’t deny that current events are unlike any we’ve seen before. Today’s polarized climate, both in the U.S. and worldwide, has many people asking, “What will this lead… Continue Reading

So What Did Quentin Tarantino Think of Prometheus?

Post Thumb: /sep12/promblus.jpg Everyone has an opinion on Prometheus, and since it is a relatively slow news day thus far, we thought it would be cool to share just what Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino thought of the flick. The… Continue Reading

No Prometheus Sequel for Damon Lindelof

Source Name: Collider Source Url: http://collider.com/prometheus-sequel-damon-lindelof/219084/ Post Thumb: /sep12/promblus.jpg The master of headsy crap that ultimately goes nowhere, Damon Lindelof, has just sounded off on his possible involvement with the Prometheus sequel, and his answers are proverbial music to our… Continue Reading

Alternate Art Gallery for Prometheus Lands Online

Source Name: Prometheus Movie Source Url: http://www.prometheus-movie.com/gallery/view/img/748 Post Thumb: /sep12/promblus.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt1x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt2x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt3x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt4x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt5x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt6x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt7x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt8x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt9x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt10x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt11x’, ‘/gallery/prometheus/prometheusalt12x’ Even though

A Look at the Version of Prometheus We Almost Saw… Aliens and Chestbursters Included

Source Name: Empire Online Source Url: http://www.empireonline.com/interviews/interview.asp?IID=1563 Post Thumb: /sep12/promblus.jpg Damon Lindelof. When you call this guy in to write or polish a script, one thing is certain…. even though it’s a fun enough ride, your film will now contain… Continue Reading