Top 10 Unseen Killer Movies

Black Christmas

Many of cinema’s most memorable monsters are the ones that always remain just out of sight. After all, unless you’re Rob Bottin or Guillermo del Toro, no filmmaker’s creature design can match the intangible horrors lurking within our own imaginations.… Continue Reading

The Top 5 Best Slasher Treats to Cut Through Your Christmas Stockings

The exploitative sub-genre known as the slasher film is a very basic type of horror rarely challenging its audience. It relies purely on its unsophistication with familiar tropes to entertain, employing a simple chase-and-kill formula with often campy and cheesy… Continue Reading

#SDCC16: Scream Factory Announces 13 New Titles Coming to Blu-ray

Get ready to break out your wallets and bust your bank account because Scream Factory just announced 13 new Blu-ray titles that will begin rolling out as early as this November. Scream Factory dropped the news at its San Diego… Continue Reading

Top 5 Christmas Horror Movies to Give You Some Yuletide Chills

A Christmas Horror Story

November is here, which means it’s time for our nation’s favorite holiday. Gather your family, whip up a grand feast, look back on what this year has left you thankful for, and celebrate Pre-Christmas! Yes, Halloween is out, and Christmas… Continue Reading