Postponed – #Brainwaves Episode 38 – Amanda Wyss

Amanda Wyss Brainwaves

Due to a scheduling conflict on our end, Episode 38 of Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio featuring Amanda Wyss has been postponed until next Wednesday, March 29th. Apologies for any inconvenience. The original nightmare girl from A Nightmare on… Continue Reading

Toy Fair 2017: Jack in the Box Beheaded! Meet Mezco’s Burst-a-Box

Mezco Burst a Box

They say good things come in little packages and in the case of this new line of collectibles based Mezco has unveiled for Toy Fair 2017, they (whomever they are) couldn’t be more right! Behold Mezco’s Burst-a-Box collectibles, based upon… Continue Reading

13 Movies That Should Have Convinced Hollywood to Abandon the Remake Trend

Fright Night

There are a lot of awesome remakes out there. David Cronenberg’s The Fly was a masterful film. Gore Verbinski’s take on Ring, aptly titled The Ring, was legitimately frightening. Breck Eisner’s rendition of The Crazies was a blast. Alexandre Aja’s… Continue Reading

What if Your Favorite Horror Movies Got Their Own Oreos?

These last few years, Nabisco has been absolutely killing it with their Oreo brand, coming up with wacky flavors that have become bona fide viral hits here on the internet. Recent flavors like Fruity Crisp, Swedish Fish, and Watermelon are… Continue Reading

5 Horror Movies that Inspired Real-Life Copycats

Natural Born Killers

I’ve been binge-watching the television show “Hannibal,” starring Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, of late, and it has completely enthralled me. The cinematography is beautiful and the murders are inventive. While the crimes are incredibly grotesque, they are also fascinating.… Continue Reading