Synapse Films

The Intruder Is Slicing His Way to Blu-ray from Synapse

If you've never seen Intruder and are indeed a fan of Eighties slasher flicks, then, boy, are you in for a treat as Synapse Films continues to build its library of cult classics on Blu-ray!

Exterminator, The (Blu-ray/DVD)

Starring Robert Ginty, Christopher George, Samantha Eggar Directed by James Glickenhaus

Make a Date with Frankenhooker on Blu-ray

I will always remember standing in my local video store in front of their horror section and pressing the button on the box of Frankenhooker 100's of times just to hear it screech "Wanna Date?" Good times! If only Synapse Films can find a way to have their upcoming Blu-ray of the flick do that!

Synapse Films: Maniac Cop Hits Blu-ray; South of Heaven Comes Home

Somewhere right now the Foywonder is doing the Rapid Irish Jig of Video Goodness™ as Synapse Films has announced the release of Maniac Cop in glorious high definition and more! Read on for the skinny! Maniac Cop - Blu-ray release: October 11th.

Official Blu-ray/DVD Combo Artwork and Specs: The Exterminator

During the news abyss that is the San Diego Comic-Con, Synapse Films announced that the crazy Vietnam vet seeking revenge flick The Exterminator was finally hitting home video on Blu-ray. Of course this announcement was swallowed up in all the chaos, but the official artwork and specs are now in!

The Exterminator Burns Up Blu-ray!

We've written a ton of stories over the last two weeks, but this is the only one that has genuinely made us smile! Synapse Films has announced that the vigilante epic, The Exterminator! Today is a good day! From the Press Release

DVD Release Info for Synapse Films' Frat House Massacre

Anyone who's ever gone to college surely has indulged in the fantasy of killing off a frat boy or two. If that includes you, dear reader, then now you can live vicariously through others thanks to the August 9th DVD release by Synapse Films of Frat House Massacre, a new film from the creators of Camp Slaughter.

Special One-Night-Only Screenings of Embodiment of Evil in New York & Ohio This Week!

One partnership that's sure to go down in history as one of our genre's finest is that of Synapse Films and the beloved Coffin Joe. And fans living in Brooklyn, New York and Englewood, Ohio, have a chance to witness it first-hand ... for FREE! From the Press Release:

Coffin Joe to Embody Evil on Blu-ray a Bit Later

The wait to get our hands on a Blu-ray of Embodiment of Evil (review here) has been nearly unbearable, and unfortunately it's about to last another couple of weeks longer.

DVD and Blu-Ray Releases: December 14th - Mr. Gacy at the Vampire Circus

This week is the lightest in recent memory with only four (barely) notable horror releases. Synapse Films' 100th release, Robert Young’s classic Vampire Circus, will be gracing our screens and so will Dear Mr. Gacy, the adaptation of The Last Victim, the memoirs of Jason Moss, who corresponded with serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Read on to see what the other two are.

Coffin Joe, The Embodiment of Evil, Coming to Blu-ray and DVD in February

Oh, Synapse Films. You are officially our hero of the week! Coffin Joe's latest tale of terror on Blu-ray? We love you. We just love you. Get excited, folks! If you're not familiar with the insanity of the Coffin Joe flicks, you're in for a real treat!

Death of a Snowman Heading to DVD Courtesy of Synapse Films

South Africa might not be the first place you think of when it comes to rough and tough grindhouse flicks, but it's the home of a classic that's finally hitting DVD thanks to Synapse Films: Christopher Rowley's 1978 Death of a Snowman, aka Soul Patrol and Black Trash. From the Press Release:

Celebrate Synapse's 100th Release at the Vampire Circus

To celebrate its 100th release, Synapse Films has created the sharpest, most colorful transfer ever of Robert Young’s Hammer Films classic, Vampire Circus. It will grace your screen with a rainbow of animal skin, writhing flesh, and bloody red delights! Synopsis:

Synapse Films Announces Some Cult Gems For Blu-ray

No horror collection is quite complete without a healthy dose of Synapse DVDs on the shelf, right? And now that the company has announced their long-awaited foray into the world of high definition, they've got some absolutely fantastic plans for Blu-ray. And while only one title in this three-fer of exploitation bliss really fits snugly beneath the horror banner, this bears repeating.

British Horror Coming on Strong on DVD and Blu-ray

Whether you're an older fan like myself who grew up on it or a younger fan looking to flex your horror muscle, old school British horror is where it's at! Plain and simple! Now, thanks to two very kickass companies, several classics are coming home in grand fashion, some even on Blu-ray high definition! Hell yes!