Synapse Bringing a Real Chiller to DVD

We make no bones about it... we love Synapse Films around here if only because they always dig deep and pull out something cool to release on DVD or Blu-ray that we've all but forgotten about. Case in point...

Synapse Films Grabs Rights to Three Adrian Garcia Bogliano Films

In the past Adrian Garcia Bogliano gave Fantastic Fest attendees a serious case of Cold Sweat. Now Synapse Films is banking on him and has purchased the rights to three of the director's films: Rooms for Tourists, Watch 'em Die and I Will Not Die Alone.

Embodiment of Evil, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Jose Mojica Marins, Jece Valadao, Milhem Cortaz, Adriano Stuart Directed by Jose Mojica Marins

Ranting & Slashing: The Golden Age of DVD

I’ll never forget reading about LaserDiscs in Fangoria magazine and frothing at the mouth as they described deluxe editions of my favorite films. Glorious widescreen presentations, commentary tracks, ‘making-of’ featurettes, special effects tests, theatrical trailers – all of it wrapped inside very cool packaging and priced to own for the smallest of the niche markets.

Synapse Films to Release Sick Girl

It’s always exciting when there’s another release from Synapse Films to look forward to. Their stuff is consistently high quality, and their catalogue is loaded with hidden gems that other companies wouldn’t normally touch. And while I’m still scarred from watching Let Me Die a Woman, I continue to anticipate each and every release. So it’s with excitement that I talk about their latest disc, Sick Girl.

Stepfather II DVD Art: Synapse is Making Room for Daddy!

While Screen Gems is readying its remake of Joseph Rubin’s classic The Stepfather for release this fall, Synapse Films is offering fans a first look at the cover art for their upcoming Stepfather II DVD, due out September 29, 2009.