Nothing Says "Merry Christmas" Like Clips From Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

Syfy has a gift for all of us this Christmas: four exclusive clips from Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Warring gargantuan reptiles: truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Fans Select Roswell Concept for After Dark Films

After more than 20,000 votes for three possible choices, fans have selected a “Roswell” storyline for Syfy and IGN.com's B Movie Mogul – the online development and production site that lets fans weigh in on an upcoming Syfy Saturday Original Movie.

Syfy and Universal Team Up to Go Theatrical

In a move that will either have our own Foywonder standing up and cheering or weeping openly at the thought of paying big ticket prices to see CGI-laden monster flicks on the big screen, the Syfy Network is going theatrical!

After Dark Originals Officially Announces Seconds Apart

It's getting to be that time of year again! After Dark Films is nearly ready to drop another fresh crop of horror flicks on audiences, this time as part of its After Dark Originals banner, and we've got the official word on one of them ... Seconds Apart. Dig on the release and the first official still below. From the Press Release

Brian Shirley to Unleash his Crocaloctopus

Doesn't that headline sound unspeakably dirty? That's just the way we like them! In any event, in our never ending quest to lend a hand to up-and-comers and to keep you abreast of all types of cool shit that we come across, the time has come to share some news about the dreaded Crocaloctopus. From the Press Release

Syfy Establishing a Vampyre Nation

Daybreakers and Stake Land have given audiences different views of what a futuristic world overrun by vampires would be like. Now Syfy is gearing up to give us their take on a Vampyre Nation, one that features vampires outnumbering humans, synthetic blood, and a virus that causes vamps to devolve into man-bats. Wait - doesn't that sound just like Daybreakers?

Syfy Unveils Cast Photos, Character Descriptions, and Promo Video for Being Human

After months of speculation Syfy has finally unveiled cast photos, character descriptions, a full synopsis, and even a promo video for its redux of the British TV series "Being Human", and we have to say it's looking a lot more promising than we first thought ... mostly due to two little words: Mark Pellegrino, who plays the charismatic but menacing Bishop.

These Triassic Attack Clips Will Give You A Dinosaur Boner

Today might be Thanksgiving, but the real turkey may not be arriving until Saturday night when Syfy premieres its newest magnum opus, Triassic Attack, an astounding tale of absurdist terror about a Native American curse that brings museum dinosaur skeletons to murderous life and terrorize a small university town.

More Details - After Dark Originals: Husk

The official word has come in regarding one of the upcoming After Dark Originals, Husk, and we've got everything you need to know stuffed into one horror and straw filled package!

Two Clips of Sean Bean Trying to Survive The Lost Future

I must be really out of the loop because I had no idea the Sean Bean post-apocalyptic survival monster movie The Lost Future premieres on Syfy this weekend. Looking at these two clips from this South African production, it looks to potentially be a considerable step up from the usual schlock Syfy typically unspools on their Saturday evenings.

Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Felicia Day, Stephen McHattie, Kavan Smith, David Reale, Greg Bryk Directed by Sheldon Wilson

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Lake Placid 3 Prize Pack

We know what you're thinking: "Lake Placid 3 hits DVD tomorrow. Sure wish there was a way that I could get it, a Ranger shirt and a stuffed crocodile for free!" Well ... now you can!

Trailer Erupts for Giant Volcano Monster Flick Behemoth

A monster the size of a mountain? No, a monster that is a mountain. Or is it a monster inside of a mountain that is the size of that mountain? Even afterwatching the trailer for Syfy's Behemoth, I'm still unsure what exactly this tentacled volcano monster is supposed to be.