A Sneak Peek of the July 10th Return of Syfy's Destination Truth

As our regular readers know, we're big fans of the paranormal here at Dread Central so we've been on the lookout for the return of "Destination Truth" to Syfy. We now know it's happening on July 10th - check out this new promo video released by the network entitled "Man of Adventure".

Jersey Shore Shark Attack Takes a Bite out of Home Video

In case you missed the majesty that was Jersey Shore Shark Attack when it aired on Syfy over the weekend, don't worry. The flick will be in your hair gel-covered hands before you know it! Grab your remotes and grease up your abs!

Syfy's Being Human Promotes Kristen Hager (Nora) to Series Regular

Fans of Syfy's "Being Human" who have been wondering whether Nora would be around in Season 3 needn't wonder any longer as the actress who portrays the character, Kristen Hager, has been promoted to a series regular.

Syfy Renews Lost Girl for a Third Season; Sneak Peek of Episode 2.08 - Death Didn't Become Him

We haven't been covering "Lost Girl" much lately, but we did want to pass on the news that Syfy has renewed the hit series (it's the #1 cable drama among Adults 18-49 and 25-54 in its time period) for a third season of 13 episodes, beginning January 2013.

See Giant Fire-Breathing, Dog-Paddling Albino Spiders Attack New Orleans in the Trailer for Syfy's Arachnoquake

This weekend’s premiere of Jersey Shore Shark Attack begins the first of four straight weeks of new Syfy creature features. We now have our first look at what to expect three Saturdays from now when New Orleans is under siege by huge albino spiders unleashed by an Arachnoquake.

A Sneak Peek of Syfy's Jersey Shore Shark Attack

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, we're sure lots of folks of thinking of one thing: the beach! So what better way to kick it off than by watching a sneak peek of Jersey Shore Shark Attack, which is premiering Saturday, June 9th, on Syfy?!?

Second Piranhaconda Trailer Swims On In

Between any one of the 7,000 shark movies coming out and Piranha 3DD, man-eating aquatic creatures have been getting a lot of love lately. The second trailer for Piranhaconda just got caught in our nets, and we have the beast hung up and on display.

A Sneak Peek of the Arachnoquake Spider

Yeah, yeah, say what you will, but nothing floats our boats quite like a giant spider flick, which is why we are chomping at the bit to see Syfy's Arachnoquake when it debuts on June 23rd. To tide us over in the meantime, here's the first look at the giant albino spider around which the story revolves.

From the Producers of Sharktopus... Piranhaconda Has a Trailer and an Airdate

Piranhaconda... Legendary producer Roger Corman, b-movie impresario Jim Wynorski, and Syfy have birthed a half-anaconda/half-piranha monstrosity. Will it be the heir apparent to Sharktopus? See for yourself.

A Sneak Peek of Tonight's Premiere of Total Blackout on Syfy

Tonight, April 25th, marks the debut of "Total Blackout", a new series in which contestants are plunged into blinding darkness to confront their deepest fears. Check out several video sneak peeks from the premiere along with the trailer shown during the Syfy Upfront.

Syfy Announces LOTS of New Shows

So what's next for the channel that has given us plenty of things that have gone bump in the night along with more CG monsters than anyone could possibly keep up with? Read on for details of Syfy's "upfront" presentation.

Syfy Focuses on Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon

It's kind of funny, really. You put the word "dragon" in anything, and sooner or later you're bound to get the Syfy Channel's attention. Such is the case for this latest adaptation heading our way from the kings of the CG creatures.

Asstastic New Piranhaconda Sales Art

Somewhere on this latest bit of sales art there's a Piranhaconda. Or so we've been told. We're more focused on the finer assets of this incredible, bodacious, juicy, and finely formed one-sheet.

Syfy Issues an Alien Tornado Warning with These Three Videos

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the past two weeks, then you’ve heard all about the massive tornado outbreaks that have been ravaging several states. On the bright side, at least they weren't alien tornadoes. But an Alien Tornado will be touching down on Syfy tonight.

What is the Situation? It’s the Trailer for Syfy’s Jersey Shore Shark Attack

Okay, all you guidos and guidettes, you better be stocking up on bottles of spray tan, Valtrex, and shark repellent because there’s an albino shark in the mood for Italian cuisine. Forget smooshing; there’s a whole lot of chewing going on in this trailer for Jersey Shore Shark Attack.