Clips from Upcoming Episodes of Syfy's Destination Truth, Haunted Highway, and Paranormal Witness

Time for your weekly dose of the paranormal as we have sneak peeks of next week's episodes of "Destination Truth", "Haunted Highway", and "Paranormal Witness" on Syfy.

Syfy and The Asylum Join Forces to Show Discovery Channel How Shark Week Should Really Be Done

Next week Discovery Channel begins its annual salute to nature’s perfect predators, but the festivities really begin on Syfy this Saturday night when an Asylum movie entitled Shark Week has its world premiere.

Trailer Arrives for Syfy's Boogeyman

Syfy's version of the Boogeyman debuts on Saturday, August 11th, at 9:00 PM PT/ET, and the network has finally released a trailer for this latest Original Movie in its “Most Dangerous Night on Television” lineup.

Syfy's Paranormal Witness Returns in August

Looking for more real life shivers to send down your spine? Then you are going to love what Syfy's "Paranormal Witness" has in store for you in its second season. Read on for all the details, including an episode that examines the true story behind Lionsgate's The Possession.

Syfy Clips Blowout: Sneak Peeks of Destination Truth, Haunted Highway, and School Spirits

Next week Syfy is airing all-new episodes of "Destination Truth", "Haunted Highway", and "School Spirits"; and we have sneak peeks of them all right here!

Syfy Original Movies Boogeyman and Haunted High to Premiere in August

"Warehouse 13" star Eddie McClintock must stop the Boogeyman while Danny Trejo and Charisma Carpenter tackle a deadly ghost in Syfy’s two “Most Dangerous Night on Television” Original Movie premieres in August. Read on for the airdates and more info.

Visit Supernatural Syfy on Facebook; Sneak Peeks of Destination Truth and Haunted Highway

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of the paranormal so when our contacts at Syfy told us about their new Facebook page, Supernatural Syfy, we had to share the news! Check it out along with previews of next week's "Destination Truth" and "Haunted Highway" episodes.

Lost Girl Finds a Season 3 Guest Star in Linda Hamilton

Canadian TV series "Lost Girl", which also airs on Syfy here in the States, has lined up a pretty impressive guest star for its upcoming Season 3: none other than ass-kicker supreme Linda Hamilton.

Official DVD / Blu-ray Trailer for Jersey Shore Shark Attack Swims on In!

So you missed the majesty that was Jersey Shore Shark Attack when it aired on Syfy? No worries; the flick will be on DVD and Blu-ray before you know it, and to celebrate its arrival, we have the home video trailer and a ticket to go and punch The Situation in his abs!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Being Human Sizzle Reel and Photo Gallery

As we suspected would happen when we posted our "Being Human" panel and roundtable highlights from San Diego Comic-Con, Syfy has released the "sizzle reel" shown during the event that recaps Season 2 and provides a few teases of Season 3.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Being Human Showrunner and Cast Drop a Few Hints for Season 3

Hands down the funniest group we spoke with during Comic-Con was the cast of Syfy's "Being Human". We also caught their panel and learned a bit more than during the all too brief roundtable interviews. Their banter was so entertaining we totally didn't care if we got scoops or not!

Syfy Renews Total Blackout for Two More Seasons

Syfy has renewed its hit unscripted competition series "Total Blackout" – the channel’s highest rated new program of 2012 – for 16 new episodes. The second season of 8 episodes will begin Tuesday, November 13th, at 9PM (ET/PT).

First Look at the Trailer for Syfy's True Bloodthirst

Syfy has a new Original Movie heading our way on Saturday, July 14th, entitled True Bloodthirst; and we have a look at the trailer for the flick, in which humans and vampires must band together against a new hybrid type of super vampire.

Destination Truth Hunts for Vietnam's Bigfoot in New Clip from the Season 5 Premiere

In the Season 5 premiere of Syfy's "Destination Truth", airing Tuesday, July 10th, at 8/7c, Josh Gates and his team return with a special two-hour episode featuring expeditions to Vietnam and Belize. Check out this clip in which they hunt for Vietnam's Bigfoot.

Bobby Campo's Next Destination Is Syfy's Being Human

Another guest star has been lined up for Season 3 of Syfy's "Being Human", and he's quite a familiar face to fans of the Final Destination franchise.