Sharknado 2 Is a Go; Help Name It and Celebrate with this New Sharknado Remix

Can anything put a stop to the Sharknado madness? Not if Syfy has anything to do with it! Part 2 is on the way, and you can help name it! Celebrate with us by dancing along with this new remix video!

A Very Fast, Very Scary Preview of Primeval: New World Episode 1.07 - Babes in the Woods

We're halfway through "Primeval: New World," and in next Saturday's Episode 1.07, "Babes in the Woods," we learn a bit of whiz kid Toby Nance's back story. Check out a quick preview.

Exclusive: The Origins of Anthony C. Ferrante's Sharknado Discovered in a Previous Syfy Film

We know our stuff when it comes to horror movies. From the indie bizarre to the Hollywood blockbuster, we've got this stuff covered. We are also ridiculously happy about all the mainstream media coverage of Sharknado. But did you know this is not the first on-screen Sharknado sighting?

More Sharknado Clips to Carry You Through the Weekend

Did you miss the boat and are now wondering what the hell all the fuss is about re Sharknado from Syfy and The Asylum? Well, you can get a taste of the insanity via this pair of clips and decide if you'll be tuning in on Thursday, July 18th, for the flick's encore presentation.

You'll Love These Crazy Stills and Teaser for Syfy's Blast Vegas

More Syfy insanity is on the way this Thursday, July 18th, when Blast Vegas blows through town. Check out a quick teaser trailer and some stills from the film, which stars Frankie Muniz and Barry Bostwick.

Syfy Eying a Sharknado Sequel after Last Night's Social Media Snarknado; Repeat Airing Happening Next Week

Who would have imagined that an Asylum/Syfy movie about tornadoes full of sharks would become one of the biggest pop culture sensations of the year? Not surprising, Syfy is already considering unleashing a second Sharknado.

Internet Caught in a Wave of Sharknado Madness

Know what's cool? We've been singing the praises of Sharknado for weeks now, and finally the rest of the world seems to be catching up in a big-ass hurry! It's like being on the cutting edge of a butter knife! Check out some of the Internet's finest slivers of flying shark madness....

Q&A with Sharknado Star Tara Reid and Director Anthony Ferrante

So, did you catch Sharknado last night, or did you DVR it to watch with other Syfy aficionados on Saturday and comment via social media? In either case, we have a Q&A with director Anthony Ferrante and star Tara Reid to share. Beware of minor spoilers if you fall in the latter category.

Sing Along With The Ballad of Sharknado

If you're not planning on seeing Pacific Rim tonight, then you had better be tuning in to the Syfy majesty that is Sharknado. Failure to do either of the aforementioned tasks will cost you a completely unrecoverable amount of cool points.

Almost Red Band Sharknado Trailer Comes Whirling In

A red band trailer for The Asylum’s masterpiece Sharknado has arrived in promotion of the film’s July 11th Syfy premiere, and it's home to your chance to check out some of the majesty that awaits you in just a few short hours. Watch it now!

Up Your Game with this Preview of Primeval: New World Episode 1.06 - Clean Up on Aisle Three

Dinosaurs - large or small - always increase the fun factor when they show up on "Primeval: New World" so we're glad to see a few in this preview of Episode 1.06, "Clean Up on Aisle Three."

Sharknado Trailer Barely Scratches the Surface of its Divine Madness

The first trailer for The Asylum’s masterpiece Sharknado has finally arrived. Technically, it’s a 30-second spot for the film’s July 11th Syfy premiere. The world gets Sharknado and Pacific Rim all in a span of 48 hours. What a time to be alive!

Tom Everett Scott and Ryan Merriman Talk Independence Daysaster's Action Scenes, Playing the President, and More

On June 27th Syfy aired Independence Daysaster, with an encore scheduled for August 8th; and along with the film's trailer, we have the highlights of a recent Q&A with co-stars Tom Everett Scott and Ryan Merriman.

Call Campus Security Before You Watch This Sneak Peek of Primeval: New World Episode 1.05 - Undone

So far "Primeval: New World" hasn't quite been able to match the quality (or chemistry) of its UK predecessor, but it's still good cheesy fun for a Saturday night. If you're sticking with the show as well, here's a sneak peek of next weekend's Episode 1.05, "Undone."

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Syfy Announces Being Human Panel on July 20th

Without a doubt one of the most entertaining panels at SDCC year in and year out is the one for Syfy's "Being Human" so be sure to clear your schedule from 4:00-5:00 PM on July 20th so you don't miss it. Here are the details.