Retribution Sought for the Accidental Horrors of Isa

Flying in just under our radar is the new Syfy flick ISA, and while we're not exactly sure just how Dread worthy this one's gonna be yet, we do have the trailer and details to help you decide. Check 'em out!

New Dominion Art Raises Hell on Earth

June 19th marks the premiere of the Syfy series "Dominion," based on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion. In the meantime, check out a snazzy new piece of art for the upcoming series, which makes for a pretty heavenly Facebook cover photo!

Our Fate Lies in the Hands of this New Dominion Trailer

Another horror TV show is heading our way in less than two weeks, Syfy's "Dominion," based on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion, and a new trailer has arrived to help us get ready for the premiere. It's time for humanity to rise or face extinction!

Brace Yourselves for this Sharknado 2: The Second One Teaser!

Promising to be "bolder" and "even more ridiculous," Sharknado 2: The Second One is heading toward us faster than a... well... I don't know what it's faster than, but it's definitely fast! Check out the newly released teaser trailer for the flick, which will be blowing in at the end of July.

Syfy Signs on for a Second Season of Bitten

Last week we got word that Canadian TV network Space had committed to a second season of "Bitten," their most-watched original series ever, and Syfy is hot on their heels with an announcement of their own...

New Dominion Stills and Trailers Bring the Heaven's War to Earth

Excited about "Dominion," Syfy's upcoming weekly take on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion? Then get ready to dig into a gaggle of new stills and two new videos! War is coming, folks! Which side are you on?

Get Bitten For a Second Season

We tried really hard to watch "Bitten" on Syfy, but the experience proved to be too painful for us to endure. Apparently we were in the minority because the toothy little series has just gotten an order for a second season. Read on for details.

New Dominion Artwork Strikes Down Upon Thee With Furious Vengeance

The heavens parted this afternoon and new artwork for "Dominion," Syfy's upcoming weekly take on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion, was cast down upon the earth like a fallen angel big on evil! Check it out!

Prepare, Rebuild, and Fight this New Trailer for Syfy's Dominion

A new extended trailer floated down from the heavens today for "Dominion," Syfy's upcoming weekly take on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion. Remember: God brought us into this world; his angels are prepared to take us out.

Syfy Announces Several New Book/Graphic Novel Adaptations in Development

Building on its original programming, Syfy has announced several new projects in development, including adaptations of works by Frank Miller and Jonathan Mostow, a series from "The Walking Dead's" Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, plus the return of "Supernatural's" Sera Gamble!

Tricia Helfer Set to Star in New Syfy Original Event Series Ascension

Back in March we learned that Syfy is bringing us the six-hour miniseries "Ascension" later this year, and now word has come as to who will be starring in it. Yes, it mostly sci-fi, but considering the talent involved, we figured you'd want to at least hear about it.

Syfy Announces New Comedic Docuseries Town of the Living Dead

Syfy today announced a new unscripted series, the comedic docuseries "Town of the Living Dead" (working title), which follows a small Alabama town trying to complete their own independent zombie movie – which has been six years in the making.

Sharknado 3 to Blow in 2015

Yep, there's already another one coming. While we sit and wait for Sharknado 2: The Second One to blow us all to hell and back, Syfy has announced a third entry into the surprise franchise. Don't be surprised if Sharknado 4 is announced next week for spite.

See Another Pair of Images from Syfy's Dominion

A week or so ago we got a better look at the upcoming series "Dominion" via some stills and a new trailer, and now today we have two more photos to share. "Dominion" premieres Thursday, June 19, on Syfy (9-10 pm ET/PT).

Two New Stills Swirl in for Sharknado 2: The Second One

Syfy and NBC Universal have let a pair of new Sharknado 2: The Second One stills fly, and we were there dodging Hammerheads and Great Whites to nab 'em for ya! Check out the goodies right here!