Suspiria Remake Will at Least Sound Right

Now here's a step in the right direction. If there's one component that makes Suspiria what it is, it's the haunting score by Goblin. Speaking of which ... In a recent interview with MovieLine director David Gordon Green dropped the following bit of really good news on fans:

Suspiria Remake Inching Closer

Like it or not, there is no sacred ground, and everything that was even remotely successful will (eventually) be remade. The good thing about this? It will hopefully make others seek out the original material. The bad? Remakes usually end up sucking.

Dario Argento Gives His Blessing - Suspiria Remake a Go!

After months of various people chasing the rights for a remake of the Dario Argento classic Suspiria, the maestro himself has finally given the project his blessing. Sort of. Well, a little of his blessing at least.

UK Art, Specs, and Featurette for Suspiria Blu-Ray

Horror fans across the UK, rejoice! A brand new release of Dario Argento’s classic supernatural masterpiece Suspiria will be hitting shelves across the pond on DVD and Blu-ray this January, courtesy of the folks at Nouveaux Pictures/Cine-Excess.

Suspiria Remake on Track. Yay.

The remake of Dario Argento's classic Suspiria has been gestating for some time now. Many fans were hoping it would stay that way, too. Once again we get to be the bearers of unwelcome news.

Suspiria (remake)

Portman to Dance for Suspiria Remake

The industry site Tracking B has confirmed a rumor going ‘round the net that the one and only Natalie Portman is set to topline David (Pineapple Express) Gordon’s remake of Suspiria.

SDCC 08: Suspiria Remake, Legend Prequel

As Comic Con rolls on, the boys over at STYD got their ears tuned to two somewhat sad and disturbing bits of info; the remake of Suspiria is still moving forward, and a prequel to I Am Legend is in the works.

Suspiria Remake Confirmed!

With the third entry in Argento's Mother Trilogy, The Mother of Tears (review here), just around the corner for release stateside, yet another remake has been confirmed that is bound to ruffle the old peacock feathers.