Susan Sarandon

More Actors Answer The Calling; Synopsis Revealed

Things sure have picked up since last week's announcement that Susan Sarandon and Topher Grace had been cast in the new serial killer thriller The Calling. On tap for you right now we have a myriad of casting news and the newly revealed synopsis.

Susan Sarandon Hears The Calling of a Serial Killer

Yes, in some theatres right now a movie called The Call is currently playing, but that's not stopping the makers of the indie thriller The Calling from using a similar title.

Susan Sarandon Speaks with Angels in Hell & Back

It's been a while since last we heard anything regarding the stop-motion animated horror comedy Hell & Back, but whattaya know! Some new casting news has hit the interwebs, and yes, you can dig it right here!

Terminator 3 Director Takes Us into the Still of Night

Exclusive Media Co-Chairmen Nigel Sinclair and Guy East have announced that Exclusive Media will finance and produce the new thriller Still of Night, written and to be directed by Jonathan Mostow and starring Michelle Monaghan with Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon in final negotiations to star.

The Duplass Brothers Brandish a Pitchfork

Though many revere the directing duo of Mark and Jay Duplass for their well-received black comedy Cyrus from last summer, we dig them for Baghead, the little quasi-horror flick that put them on the map. Now the brothers are returning to our genre for a little revenge.

Lovely Bones, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Mark Walhberg, Rachel Weisz, Saoirse Ronan, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci Directed by Peter Jackson Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment

Peacock (DVD)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, Josh Lucas, Keith Carradine Directed by Michael Lander Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones has generated a lot of awards buzz for its young star Saoirse Ronan and its slightly older villain, portrayed by Stanley Tucci. Now it's Trembles' turn to add his $.02 into the mix!

The Lovely Bones -- Behind-the-Scenes with Stanley Tucci

A new behind-the-scenes featurette dropped today for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones (review here), this time showcasing the sinister killer of the film, Mr. Stanley Tucci.

Lovely Bones, The (2009)

Reviewed by Erik Van Der Wolf Starring Mark Walhberg, Rachel Weisz, Saoirse Ronan, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci Directed by Peter Jackson Based on the novel by Alice Sebold

Peter Jackson and Stanley Tucci Talk The Lovely Bones

Dread Central hit The Lovely Bones press conference in Beverly Hills, CA, where director Peter Jackson, along with the film’s stars Stanley Tucci, Saoirse Ronan, Rose Mclver, Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon and Rachel Weisz, talked up their cinematic incarnation of Alice Sebold’s best-selling novel.

The Lovely Bones -- First Impressions

Delivering a screenplay of a novel with such scope and depth was undoubtedly a daunting task, and for the most part the scribes effectively communicated the emotional intricacies of Alice Sebold’s work (although fans of the book will find much of the third-act familial drama gone). This isn’t surprising, though, given the confines of page to screen time.

Dozens of Lovely Bones Stills and Two New Clips

Words cannot describe how geared up we are for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones (look for a review soon), and now we have a slew of new stuff to help tide us over!

More of Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones to Pick Through

Following up on the first clip and new one-sheet from The Lovely Bones yesterday, we've got some new goodies for you to sift through ... namely more clips, the TV spot, featurette from the Royal Premiere, and directions to dig on the film's new website!

First Clip and New Poster - The Lovely Bones

A new poster and clip appeared online today for Peter Jackson's upcoming film The Lovely Bones, and we've got everything you need for your fix right here.