Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil Finally Coming Home; New Artwork and First Clip

The Billy Zane flick Surviving Evil (review) has been kicking around since 2010 but lo and behold it is finally getting a release and to prove it we have the first clip and new artwork!

Surviving Evil (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Billy Zane, Natalie Mendoza, Christina Cole, Louise Barnes, Collin Moss, Joel Torre, Gerald Zarcilla Written and directed by Terence Daw

See Billy Zane's Aswang in New Surviving Evil Trailer

If you saw The Phantom, then you've seen Billy Zane slam evil. But can he survive it? Surviving Evil casts Zane as a TV survival host whose show taping on a remote Philippine island becomes that much more dangerous when they disturb the domain of an Aswang, a hideous ghoul of Filipino lore.

B-Movie Overload: All Monsters Great & Small

Sometimes I come across a slew of B-movie news items that for various reasons don't always seem to warrant their own individual stories. Such is the case here as I once again present ten different B-movie news items about everything ranging from Godzilla lawsuits to low budget monster movie mayhem, with such notable names ranging from Tiffany Shepis to Ulli Lommel, all consolidated into one enormous news update I call the B-Movie Overload. Are you ready? START!