New Supernatural Season 5 Promo and Images

Another new promo and some images sneaked online today for the continuing adventures of the Winchester boys and their upcoming tango with Lucifer. Dare you dig it?

Supernatural Season 5 Promo

For those of you who are as amped up as we are for the Season 5 debut of "Supernatural" on September 10th, The CW has unleashed a very brief (10 seconds only) promo spot entitled "Sounds Like Hell".

Paris Hilton to Guest Star on Supernatural

No stranger to the horror genre after her participation in the House of Wax remake and Repo! The Genetic Opera, Paris Hilton is about to embark on a "Supernatural" journey as a guest star on the popular show that airs on the CW Network.

SDCC 09: Supernatural Season Five Preview Description

There are few TV series that both respect and cater to their fans like the CW's "Supernatural" does. And at this year's San Diego Comic-Con creator Eric Kripke once again treated those attending the show's panel to a full five-minute sneak peek at the Season Five premiere. Unlike in previous years, it wasn't the opening, but rather a few scenes from the middle of Act 1. Spoilers follow so only click thtough if you're all caught up and just can't wait for September 10th.

SDCC 09: Supernatural Season Five Update

If I ever needed another reminder that time truly flies, it's that the CW's hit series Supernatural will be entering into its fifth season this Fall. Series creator Eric Kripke was on hand during the final day of Comic Con to give us some info on whether or not there's life after year five.

SDCC 09: Supernatural Panel Pre-Recorded

Couldn't get to the Supernatural panel? No worries, we have the panel for you as we streamed it live from San Diego Comic Con. Check it out below. My arm is ready to fall off but it's all for you guys! Enjoy for those who missed the live stream earlier!

Devilish Mark Pellegrino Joins Supernatural Cast

Fans of "Supernatural" got a nice treat last week when word came down that Adrianne Palicki was going to reprise her portrayal of Jessica in at least one episode, but what we've really been wanting to hear about is who would be playing Season 5's big bad, Lucifer. Our wait is now over.

Adrianne Palicki to Guest Star on Supernatural

Season 4 of "Supernatural" ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger, and the September 10th premiere of its fifth (and final?) season can't come soon enough for me. So the news that Adrianne Palicki is returning for a guest spot as Sam's unlucky girl friend Jessica is like icing on the cake.

Supernatural Season 4 Coming Home to DVD / Blu-ray

I've said it a hundred times, and I'll say it a hundred more ... If you're not watching "Supernatural", then you're missing some truly quality horror on TV. Don't discount the Winchesters as mere pretty boys; these dudes know how to whip some demon ass! If you did miss it, you ought to be thankful for DVD and Blu-ray. Season 4 is set to come home on September 1, 2009.

CW Renews Supernatural for Fifth Season

You know what's odd? The TV show "Supernatural" kicks a lot of ass. When the idea was first thrown around, I too discounted the show as just two pretty-boys lip quivering their way through generic spooky TV fodder. Honestly? I've never been happier to be wrong.

"Supernatural" to Add Third Brother?

I’ve never seen a single episode of “Supernatural”, so excuse my ignorance; I do know that it’s about two brothers traversing the country in a cool car, fighting all sorts of evil. TV Guide has now learned that it may soon be three brothers against evil, however.

RIP: Kim Manners

Today is a sad day for those of us who love our televised horror TV shows, as producer / director Kim Manners has passed away. Manners who has worked most recently on "Supernatural" lost his battle with cancer on Sunday. Kim directed more episodes of the show than anyone else including every season finale. He also worked on "Brisco County, Jr." and "The X-files".

Help the People Choose Correctly!

As everyone knows, I'm DC's resident awards show junkie, and while even I usually give the People's Choice Awards a pass, I couldn't help but notice their contenders in the Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show category, all of which have been the topic of much discussion around these parts.

DVD Releases: Hi-Def Christmas Hellboy

Sorry it’s a day late, I hope some of you can eventually find a way to forgive me, but here are your horror DVD choices for Tuesday, November 11th, 2008!

DVD Releases: Supernatural Indies

A small but sturdy selection of horror DVDs hit the market on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008, and they include…