Prepare to "Meet the New Boss" in the Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Episode

"Supernatural" returns to the airwaves of The CW on Friday, September 23rd, and finally the network has provided us with an official synopsis of the episode we already knew was called "Meet the New Boss", in which Castiel takes on his new role as God. Something tells us he's not quite the same as the old boss.

James Patrick Stuart Joins Supernatural as a Nemesis for the Winchesters

Curious who might be causing trouble for the Winchester brothers during the upcoming Season 7 of "Supernatural"? Well, wonder no more as word has broken that James Patrick Stewart will be appearing in the sixth episode as a new baddie named Richard Roman. And he won't be alone...

Tony Todd Hops in the Director's Chair for Catalytic

In his expansive career Tony Todd has accomplished many a milestone. This latest bit of news comes as without question one of the finest feathers in his cap. That's right, kids! The man himself is getting set to conjure up some fear in a brand new way!

Castiel Is the Focus of New Supernatural "Fear" Preview

September 23rd cannot get here soon enough! That's the date "Supernatural" returns to The CW for Season 7. The good news? We're getting one extra episode this year. The bad? The Castiel you knew is gone. At least that's what they're telling us in this new "Fear" preview.

Two Popular Buffy/Angel Alums Heading to Supernatural

As if "Supernatural" fans don't have enough to look forward to during the show's newly extended (to 23 episodes) Season 7, word of two exciting guest stars from the Joss Whedon Buffyverse appearing in an episode together should really get their juices flowing. Read on to see who's heading to the new season’s fifth episode, titled “Shut Up, Dr. Phil.”

New Supernatural Comic Series Heads to Caledonia

A new six-issue prequel comic series related to the "Supernatural" TV show is launching in October written by Brian Wood with artwork by Grant Bond and cover art by Dustin Nguyen. Entitled Supernatural: Caledonia, it will be an unparalleled adventure in the "Supernatural" saga as the Winchesters travel to Scotland.

Supernatural's Evil Angel Now Hunting Blood Suckers on The Vampire Diaires

The small screen hasn't seen the end of Sebastian Roche, whom we last saw being stabbed by Castiel in the "Supernatural" season finale. The man's got himself both a new gig and a new menace to contend with!

Supernatural Gets Extended Season!

Some interesting news for us fans of "Supernatural". It looks like we're gonna be getting more bang for our buck once the Winchester boys get back to business for Season 7 of the hit CW television show!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Supernatural Roundtable Coverage with Jim Beaver, Ben Edlund, Jared Padalecki, and Sera Gamble

While even the best TV shows lose steam over time, "Supernatural" has been enjoying a long, healthy stride and shows no signs of slowing down. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, series stars Jared Padalecki and Jim Beaver, along with writers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund, sat down with Dread Central to talk up Season 7, which just started filming this month.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: The WB Provides Highlights of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural Panels and Signings

People who have never attended the San Diego Comic-Con have no concept of the kinds of crowds the show attracts. You can stand in line for hours to see a panel or attend a signing for your favorite shows and still get nowhere near the talent.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Major Supernatural Season 7 News

There's spoiler-ish news from the Supernatural Comic-Con roundtable that we're bringing your way this afternoon. Nothing that's going to outright spoil the surprises the next season has in store for its fans, but some interesting tidbits nonetheless.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Supernatural Season 7 Debut Trailer

Here at Dread Central we are big fans of the Winchester boys, and if you haven't been watching The CW's "Supernatural", then you are missing some of the best TV horror we've had on the air in years!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 4 (July 24) Schedule Now Live; It's a Supernatural Sunday!

The schedule for the final day of the San Diego Comic-Con is now available, and one thing we're very excited about this year is the inclusion of TV shows in the venerable Hall H on Sunday, specifically fan (and DC) favorite "Supernatural". Although we have to admit we're not super excited that it's one of the first panels, which means we have to get up early that day as well.

The Young Winchesters Return for Supernatural Season 7

Around these parts we're HUGE fans of "Supernatural", and if you ain't watching, you're missing out on some of the best damned horror television ever. That being said ... Season 7 is gearing up for production, and some really interesting tidbits of news regarding it have slipped online.