February 9th and 10th, 2012, on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

“Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”. Say that three times fast! What is it? The title of the February 10th episode of "Supernatural", the synopsis of which you'll find right here, along with those for "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 3.14, "Dangerous Liaisons", and "The Secret Circle" Episode 1.14, "Valentine", both of which air on The CW February 9th.

A Quick Peek at Supernatural Episode 7.13 - The Slice Girls

After just returning from its holiday break, "Supernatural" now goes on a two-week hiatus, returning on February 3rd with "The Slice Girls", featuring guest star Sara Canning from "The Vampire Diaries". We were already looking forward to seeing Aunt Jenna pair up with Dean Winchester, and now that we've seen the teaser trailer, we really can't wait for the ep!

Supernatural Scores Two Big Wins at the 2012 People's Choice Awards

The votes are in, the show is over, and we have the horror tally from the January 11th broadcast of the 2012 People's Choice Awards. While the genre didn't have a great showing, we can hold our heads high thanks to a couple of staples from The CW.

February 2nd and 3rd, 2012, on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

It's hard to believe that after this week ends, we'll already be halfway through this season of TV shows on The CW, but from the synopses the network just sent over for the 13th episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" ("Bringing Out the Dead"), "The Secret Circle" ("Medallion"), and "Supernatural" ("The Slice Girls"), it sounds like we still have a LOT to look forward to. Check 'em out!

A Preview Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.12 - Time After Time After Time

Yesterday we posted a huge image gallery from the upcoming Episode 7.12, "Time After Time After Time", of "Supernatural"; and now The CW has provided us with a clip from the ep, in which Sam and Dean question an interesting witness.

Explore Our Huge Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 7.12 - Time After Time After Time

With two big guest stars, a trip back to the 1940's, and Jensen Ackles looking incredibly fine dressed in a suit from that era, this week's Episode 7.12 of "Supernatural", entitled "Time After Time After Time", promises to be a highlight of the season. Don't believe us? Then you need to check out this gallery of stills from the ep immediately!

A Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.12 - Time After Time After Time

There's no genre show on TV better at simultaneously making you laugh while breaking your heart in a million pieces than "Supernatural", and even though next week's Episode 7.12, "Time After Time After Time", is set in the 1940's, it's likely to follow the same successful formula. Check out this preview, and let us know what you think.

A Preview Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.11 - Adventures in Babysitting

We couldn't possibly be more ready for the return of "Supernatural" to our Friday night routine, and to help ensure that you're all feeling the same, The CW has provided a preview clip from the upcoming Episode 7.11, "Adventures in Babysitting", that introduces us to Cheech and Ed, your friendly neighborhood technicians.

January 12 & 13, 2012, on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

January, 2012, has a Friday the 13th in it, and we can't think of a better way to start the new year! "Supernatural" airs Episode 12 of its getting better all the time Season 7 that day ("Time After Time After Time"), and it's preceded on January 12th by the 11th episodes of both "The Vampire Diaries" ("Our Town") and "The Secret Circle" ("Fire/Ice"). Read on for all three synopses.

January 5 & 6, 2012, on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

Christmas hasn't even gotten here yet, but The CW is obviously ready to ring in the New Year as the network also known as a genre fan's best friend has provided us with synopses for the mid-season returns of "The Vampire Diaries" (Episode 3.10-"The New Deal"), "The Secret Circle" (Episode 1.10-"Darkness"), and "Supernatural" (Episode 7.11-"Adventures in Babysitting"). Read on for all the details.

Dinner for Fiends - Off the Coast of Brazil

Dinner for Fiends is back for what may be its final installment of the year. There’s not a whole lot of horror going on at the movies of late – unless you count how much money the latest Twilight sequel has made – so in addition to Breaking Dawn we’re mostly talking quality horror on TV today.

Misha Collins Swoops Back into Supernatural

Coming off this past Friday night's mid-season finale of "Supernatural", one thing is certain: In order to set things right, the Winchester boys need nothing short of a miracle. Could that miracle come in the form of Castiel?

A Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.11 - Adventures in Babysitting

After the gut-wrenchingly emotional turn last Friday night's episode of "Supernatural" took, we were hoping that when the show returns from its winter hiatus, it will provide fans with a bit of levity; however, from the looks of this teaser preview from Episode 7.11, "Adventures in Babysitting", things are just going from bad to worse. Check it out!

Supernatural: Sera Gamble Introduces Episode 7.10 - Death's Door; Jensen & Jared Have a Message for Fans Regarding the People's Choice Awards

We should have known that as soon as we ran some stills from "Supernatural" Episode 7.10, "Death's Door" (see those here), The CW would release showrunner Sera Gamble's introduction of the ep. But, even better than that, we also have a peek at a new video featuring stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki asking fans to vote for The People's Choice Awards in their own special way.