A Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.06 - Southern Comfort

"Supernatural" has had quite a few memorable guest stars over the years, and one of them returns on November 7th, when we'll see DJ Qualls as the hunter Garth once again in Episode 8.06, "Southern Comfort." Check out a new clip that features him and Dean sharing a moment.

Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.06 - Southern Comfort

Next week brings the return of DJ Qualls to "Supernatural" as the hunter Garth, and now we have a look at the preview of the episode, entitled "Southern Comfort."

Felicia Day to Guest Star (Again!) in Supernatural Episode LARP and the Real Girl

If you're a fan of "Supernatural," you certainly remember Felicia Day's guest appearance last season as computer hacker Charlie Bradbury, and you should be happy to hear she's reprising her role in an episode entitled "LARP and the Real Girl."

Things Get Personal in this Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.05 - Blood Brother

Earlier today we posted an image gallery for "Supernatural" Episode 8.05, "Blood Brother," which airs Halloween night; and after watching this clip The CW has released, we have to wonder just which "brother" they're talking about. Check it out along with the ep's preview.

Preview of and Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.05 - Blood Brother

After last night's stellar found footage style episode of "Supernatural," it's now time to meet the newest member of the Winchesters' extended family: Benny, the vamp who escaped Purgatory with Dean. Check out a preview of and image gallery for Episode 8.5, "Blood Brother."

Quick Synopses for Supernatural Ep. 8.07 - A Little Slice of Kevin and The Vampire Diaries Ep. 4.06 - We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

The CW has released its full schedule for the November sweeps, and of interest to us were brief synopses of the November 14th and 15th episodes of "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaries."

Supernatural: Sam and Dean Reconnect with an Old Friend as Jon Gries Returns

Former "Lost" actor Jon Gries, who appeared in the "Sam, Interrupted" episode of "Supernatural" Season 5, is returning to help out the Winchesters in an upcoming installment of Season 8.

Synopsis Now Available for DJ Qualls' Return to Supernatural in Episode 8.06 - Southern Comfort

We already knew DJ Qualls would be returning to "Supernatural" as the hunter Garth, whom we met last season, and now we have the full details on his reappearance in Episode 8.06, "Southern Comfort."

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.04 - Bitten

"Supernatural" Season 8 is off and running, and while the rift between Sam and Dean feels a bit familiar, everything else is so far, so good; and we are digging the flashback approach to what happened in the past year. Ready to check out Episode 8.04, "Bitten," which tackles found footage?

Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 8.03 - Heartache

The "Heartache" episode of "Supernatural," which is directed by series star Jensen Ackles, airs tomorrow night, and we have an overflowing image gallery from the ep to share.

Preview and Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.03 - Heartache

This season's Jensen Ackles-directed episode of "Supernatural" airs next week, and The CW has released a preview of and a clip from the ep, entitled "Heartache." Check 'em both out right here!

Synopsis for Supernatural Episode 8.05 - Blood Brother

Tonight the second episode of Season 8 of "Supernatural" airs, but The CW is already looking ahead to Halloween night and has released the synopsis of Episode 8.05, "Blood Brother," airing October 31st. Check it out!

Preview of and Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.02 - What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

We're very happy to have "Supernatural" back even if we're sort of back to square one with the Winchester brothers not getting along... again! Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon, and in the meantime here's a look at the upcoming Episode 8.02, "What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?"

Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Reminder; Synopsis for Episode 8.04 - Bitten

In case "Supernatural" Season 8's October 3rd premiere date snuck up on you, that's TONIGHT, and we have some promo artwork for the show's return to share along with the official synopsis of Episode 8.04, "Bitten," which is a found-footage style ep.

Official Synopses for Supernatural Episodes 8.02 - What’s Up, Tiger Mommy? and 8.03 - Heartache

"Supernatural" returns to The CW next week on October 3rd, and we're already looking ahead to future Episodes 8.02, "What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?", and 8.03, "Heartache" (directed by Jensen Ackles). Check out their synopses!