Super Shark Attack

New Super Shark Trailer Delivers the Super

Just when The Asylum though they had the market cornered on movies featuring mega-sized sharks, here comes Fred Olen Ray's Super Shark to up the ante with a giant land-walking shark that does battle with a walking Sherman tank mech.

No Escape from Super Shark Attack on Land, Sea or Air

In the race to come up with the most outlandish maneating sea animal flick, it appears b-movie legend Fred Olen Ray is out to give Sharktopus a run for its money. As you'll see in this "Shark Week" parody teaser trailer for his latest creature feature Super Shark Attack, this gigantic shark not only rules the ocean as the ultimate predator and can "Air Jaws" with the best of them, you won't even be able to escape on shore now because this sucker can walk on dry land.