Sundance 2010

A New One-Sheet of The Violent Kind

We told you a couple of weeks ago that Image Entertainment nailed down the distro rights for The Butcher Brothers' (Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores) latest foray into lunacy, The Violent Kind, and today a new one-sheet has made its way online!

Image Entertainment Nails The Violent Kind - New Clip!

Image Entertainment has nailed down the distro rights for The Butcher Brothers' (Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores) latest foray into lunacy, The Violent Kind, and we've scored an insane two-minute clip to celebrate!

IFC Films Acquires Ultra-Violent The Killer Inside Me

As the Sundance film fest wound down for another year, one last film managed to be acquired: Michael Winterbottom's adaptation of The Killer Inside Me starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba.

Sundance 2010: Splice Object of Service Deal Bidding Battle

There's a battle occurring for distribution rights to Vincenzo Natali's Splice at this year's Sundance film fest, but instead of acquisitions bidding in ever-escalating sums, the producers are being offered service contracts, which seems to be the trend in indie film distribution nowadays.

Sundance 2010: Lionsgate Gets Buried

With Sundance 2010 in full swing, massive bidding wars have begun on some of the festival's hot available prospects. One film garnering lots of attention is Rodrigo Cortes' claustrophobic thriller Buried.

Sundance 2010: Director and Cast Interview: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Who would have thought that one of the more buzzed about films of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival would be a comedy horror film about hillbillies and the college co-eds that think they’re homicidal? Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is quickly garnering a slew of attention during this year’s festival.

Sundance 2010: Alan Tudyk Talks Firefly Spin-off Comic by Patton Oswalt

Attention, Browncoats! Feast your eyes below on some "Firefly"-related goodness! While interviewing Alan Tudyk for his latest project, the comedy horror flick Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Dread Central’s team of Heather Wixson and Brian Smith thought they’d take the opportunity to talk with Tudyk about Joss Whedon’s "Firefly".

Sundance 2010: Tyler Labine Talks What Could Have Been in Store for Invasion Fans

I don’t know how many other "Invasion" fans are out there, but I remember exactly how I felt after I watched what would end up being the series finale of the short-lived ABC show. It was as if someone had hit me upside the head with an aluminum bat and then did the Macarena on my skull.

New Clip and Teaser Trailer for Ryan Reynolds' Buried

With Sundance 2010 quickly approaching, promotional material for the films being shown there have been coming at a truly fast and furious pace. Now it's time to check out a little bit of Ryan Reynolds on the road to meeting a truly untimely demise in Rodrigo Cortes' thriller Buried.

Sundance Festival One-Sheet: Buried

Director Rodrigo Cortes buried Ryan Reynolds alive with his latest film, Buried, which is set to make its debut at Sundance, and to prove it we've got the new festival one-sheet for you!

Sundance '10: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - Exclusive Clip and Stills

Knittop Pictures and Eden Rock Media, the kind folks behind Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which is premiering next week at Sundance '10, have provided us with an exclusive clip from the film entitled "Stung by Bees" and two new stills as well.

New Frozen Clip Brings on the Chills

Adam Green's Frozen is right around the corner, and the promo materials are beginning to come in hot (or should we say "cold") and heavy. Next up a clip that shows the set-up for what's likely to be a really brutal night!

Sundance '10: New Clips: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

With its world premiere happening at the Sundance Film Festival, two new clips have oozed online for Voltage Pictures' latest horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil starring Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") and Tyler Labine ("Reaper") and directed by Eli Craig (The Tao of Pong).

Sundance 2010: Three Clips from The Violent Kind

Are you ready for three new clips today from The Butcher Brothers' latest trip into genre land? That's right, kids, their new film The Violent Kind is just days away from making its debut at Sundance 2010, so that means it's time for a little bit of enticement!

New Splice Clip Explores Creationism

With Vincenzo Natali's monster opus Splice gearing up for its debut at Sundance, a new clip has surfaced showing off exactly how one goes about creating terror out of nothing at all.