Stuart Gordon

Get Head from Re-Animator: The Musical

One of the best damned times we have had all year was spent seeing Re-Animator: The Musical on the stage in Los Angeles. It's a shame that the rest of the country is missing out on what is nothing short of a splattery good time; however, you can now at the very least get a sampling of the mayhem!

Re-Animator The Musical Extends Itself Like an Unfurled Intestine

Good news for you folks in Los Angeles who have not witnessed the absolute mad genius that is Re-Animator The Musical! More dates have been added (including midnight shows) and more gore will be flowing freely! I'm STILL washing the blood off me! What an experience!

Re-Animator - The Musical (2011)

Starring Graham Skipper, George Wendt, Chris McKenna, Rachel Avery, Jesse Merlin Directed by Stuart Gordon

Director Stuart Gordon and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal on 'This Week in Horror' Web Series

We know there are so many web series out there, it's nearly impossible to separate the good from the bad, but for horror fans there are few better than "This Week in Horror" hosted by Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson. They're already up to Episode 10, and Staci dropped us a line to let us know that this week's installment should be of special interest to our readers.

Exclusive: Stuart Gordon Talks Re-Animator – The Musical, The Men, and More at Screamfest LA Mixer

While co-hosting (with festival head Rachel Belofsky and Jonna Jackson) last week’s Screamfest LA mixer at Te’Kila and 504 on Hollywood Boulevard (in attendance were horror movers and shakers John Skipp, F.

Nevermore Comic on the Way from Steve Niles and Jeffrey Combs

While poking around Steve Niles' website in connection with the Lance Henriksen autobiography story we ran a few minutes ago, we came across another juicy tidbit that we just had to share: The prolific writer is joining forces with Jeffrey Combs for a comic book version of Combs' one-man play Nevermore.

Re-Animator - The Musical is Upon Us!

Hold on to your head (hardy, har, har)! Re-Animator - The Musical is upon us. At least, it is for you lucky sons of bitches with some sort of proximity to Los Angeles' Steve Allen Theater.

Pre-Production Under Way on Stuart Gordon's The Men

The folks wheeling and dealing at the 2011 EFM couldn't care less that it's the weekend as evidenced by the news that director Stuart Gordon and his Re-Animator producer Brian Yuzna are in pre-production on The Men.

Nevermore Returning to San Diego for Four Encore Performances

Fans of Jeffrey Combs and/or Edgar Allan Poe who live in or near San Diego, California, will be thrilled to learn that the stage production of Nevermore will be returning to the North Coast Repertory Theatre December 9-12, 2010, for what they've dubbed "The Perfect Un-Holiday Show".

Early Word on Fantastic Fest 2010 Events

The line-up for the sixth annual Fantastic Fest (September 23-30) in Austin, Texas, is still coming together, but the powers-that-be have provided a few highlights of the exciting things to come in this year's program, and we already can't wait for the fall season!

Nevermore Heading to San Diego for Two Performances

Finally San Diegans are being treated to something those who live in the LA area have been able to enjoy for the past several months: Jeffrey Combs' tour de force performance as Edgar Allan Poe in Nevermore.

May 2010 LA Weekend of Horrors Adds a Trio of Re-Animators

Creation Entertainment has updated the guest list for its upcoming Weekend of Horrors show that's taking place this May in LA with three names that should send horror fans straight to their favorite travel websites so that they can book a trip to the West Coast.

Nevermore Heads to Baltimore

Some people are just born to play a certain role. Karloff was the monster. Lugosi was Dracula. Jeffrey Combs? This is a man who was born to play Edgar Allan Poe. One of the most incredible times I've ever had was when we saw Nevermore in LA last month. It was literally the closest to ever spending an evening with Poe we modern day folks could hope for. Now fans in Maryland are about to join in on the experience.

Rare Edgar Allan Poe Book Sets New Auction Record

A new record has been set for American literature sold at auction, and it belongs to none other than the master of mystery and the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe.

Stuart Gordon Heading to The Borderlands?

According to the industry film tracking website TrackingB.com, Stuart (Re-Animator, Stuck) Gordon is attached to direct the film adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s ground-breaking horror novel House on the Borderlands.