Want More Joy Rides? You Know You Do!

Joy Ride Sequels Coming At Ya!There's no question! The fans have spoken! We need another direct-to-video franchise! We need not just one sequel to the Paul Walker SHOCKER(!), Joy Ride, we need a throng of them! Our worlds would not be complete without them. If anyone can hammer mediocrity home for all of us, it's a killer named Rusty Nail!

While on a set visit for the first sequel, Joy Ride: End of the Road, Ryan Rotten of Shock Till You Drop reports that depending on how well this chapter in the Rusty Nail saga does we may just be in for more! "Money talks!" Lucky us!

Me? I'm gonna buy three copies of the film when it comes out! You should all do the same! We need a Joy Ride franchise! Look how well the Species flicks have turned out! Now that's quality people!

- Uncle Creepy

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Terminal's picture

"directed by a man who has made some of the best suspense-thrillers of the past twenty years. It's a damned fine example of the form."

He could have made the Earth revolve around the sun, and helped to evolve man, but in the end "Joyride" was still a waste of time to me.

Submitted by Terminal on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 10:16pm.
Chainsaw's picture

I wasn't all that impressed with Joy Ride. Did absolutely nothing for me. And throwing it to the DTDVD sequel wolves isn't going to help matters.

It's stuff like this that make me wish the writer's strike would go on forever.

Submitted by Chainsaw on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 7:27pm.

I am pretty sure my comments on those movies have been negative as well.

Submitted by Kryten Syxx on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 6:17pm.
moderator I getcha MM. Just frustrated
Steve Barton's picture

I getcha MM. Just frustrated from watching crap crap and more crap.

And when exactly did we "champion" Boogeyman or White Noise? They both received pretty bad reviews from us.

Submitted by Steve Barton on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 11:38am.
Messiahman's picture

Creepy, I said in my original post that I had no desire to see DTV sequels -- I just wanted to call out the fact that JOY RIDE was a surprisingly well-done film.

And Terminal, it's not neo-horror -- it's a suspense-thriller, directed by a man who has made some of the best suspense-thrillers of the past twenty years. It's a damned fine example of the form.

BOOGEYMAN and WHITE NOISE, yeah, they're certainly neo-horror.

Submitted by Messiahman on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 2:35am.
Terminal's picture

For me Joy Ride, Boogeyman, and White Noise were terrible movies from the low budget theatrical neo-horror library. I tend to agree with MM though on the astonishment at DC praising these titles.

Submitted by Terminal on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 5:41pm.

Boogeyman, White Noise ... all shit.

Submitted by Kryten Syxx on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 10:11am.
mjduda's picture

I have to agree also, I have more faith in this having a chance than "Jeepers Creepers 3". To bad Joe Lynch wasn't directing these sequels.

Submitted by mjduda on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 8:46am.
moderator And I agree with you.
Steve Barton's picture

And I agree with you. However, do you really think a franchise is necessary? Much less will turn out good?

Submitted by Steve Barton on Sat, 11/10/2007 - 7:26pm.
Messiahman's picture

Actually, JOY RIDE was a tightly-written (by LOST's J.J. Abrams) well-directed (by the brilliant John Dahl) nicely acted thriller with tons of good character moments. Director Dahl filled it with atmosphere and got good performances out of his leads, particularly Steve Zahn. While I have no desire to see tepid DTV sequels, they still don't take away from the fact that the original film was quite effective.

It was certainly much, MUCH better than BOOGEYMAN or WHITE NOISE, both of which were absurdly championed by this site.

Submitted by Messiahman on Sat, 11/10/2007 - 6:57pm.

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