Travis Betz's Bartokular is Here!

Bartokular!Halloween is now literally just around the corner, and to celebrate, Travis Betz, the sick genius behind Joshua (review), one of my favorite indie horrors of the last few years, has prepared a brand new series of shorts for Atom Films!

It’s called “Bartokular” and details the misadventures of the titular monster, who keeps a trio of victims chained up in his cave. A stoner, a vegan and a God-loving Christian do anything they can to keep from having their skin torn off and eaten by Bartokular, which is just what he does to a new victim in the show’s first episode.

Of course, said victim had some killer weed on him at the time, so you can see what happens when monsters get the munchies. It’s comedy gold for anyone who loves monsters, pot and/or gory deaths!

Dig on the first episode below then head over to Betz’s official site, Drexel Box, to see some previews for more “Bartokular” and be sure to make friends with ‘em on MySpace when you’re done!

- Johnny Butane

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