Trailer for Undead Rockabilly Movie Flick!

Flick poster & trailer online!Those crazy bastards over at Twitch Film just got their hands on the trailer for Flick, a very cool-but-strange-sounding movie about an undead rockabilly teen and power of love.

Faye Dunaway stars in Flick as a one-armed cop from Memphis on the trail of a rockabilly kid who was killed 40 years before, but has now been brought back to life thanks to the power of AM radio. He’s out to find his long-lost love and get revenge on those who killed him, of course.

The trailer has a really great look and an even better soundtrack, even if it is over-populated by intertitles between the scenes. From the account on Twitch the film is a throwback to 50’s movies so don’t expect a ton of blood and guts; it sure does look different, though!

Check out the trailer below then head on over to the official Flick site for more info!

- Johnny Butane

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