The T-Rex of Eden

Jeff Fahey plays a scientist who, along with fellow scientist Dee Wallace Stone, has just created the Eden Formula, a revolutionary DNA formula that can synthetically reproduce virtually any organism. Tony Todd leads some evil corporate henchmen types sent into the research facility to steal the Eden Formula. In the process they unwittingly release the genetically engineered Tyrannosaurus Rex that Fahey's scientist character created as a means to prove stockholders and investors that the Eden Formula works.

Sometimes it sucks to be right.

The good guys have to keep the bad guys from getting their hands on the Eden Formula and all of them have to be on the lookout for a hungry T-Rex.

Am I the only one that thinks this movie sounds like it should been released as Carnosaur 4? Could that be because the film reportedly recycles some dino footage from Roger Corman's Carnosaur flicks? And doesn't this sound like something that should be premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel any day now?

Answers: no, yes, and yes, but no.

Originally slapped with the much more gimmicky (and enticing) B-movie title of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (pictured), the American distributors have decided to change its title to something that's guaranteed to make people not want to see their movie - The Eden Formula. Yawn. Sounds like a DVD that I should be buying from a Christian bookshop.

The film to be released as The Eden Formula has thus far been released only in Australia, where it was done so under its original title; the box art above is from that release since none has yet to emerge for the upcoming US DVD release. According to the one very negative review I've come across online, it seems that director and FX master John Carl Buechler was looking to out-Raptor Jim Wynorski with this one, a tall order indeed, especially if you've ever seen Raptor. Oof! If the special effects work is as embarrassingly cheap as that review made it sound, that might explain why this one is skipping the Sci-Fi Channel altogether and going right to DVD.

We'll all be able to find out for ourselves if the movie is as bad as that lone review made it sound and if the special effects in a movie by a guy most notable for being a special effects guy are really as atrocious too when The Eden Formula hits DVD shelves on February 20th. Okay, I know we all won't. Most of you will never give this movie a second thought. Fine, be that way. Come back February 21st and read my review of it. Do I have to do everything for you people?

- The Foywonder

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