The Killer of Dark Ride

The Dark Ride killerThere’s been a little film on Lionsgate’s upcoming release slate for so long now, I was beginning to wonder if it actually existed, especially when you consider the fact that the film’s apparently been done for at least a year now.

I refer to Dark Ride, a movie that gained brief notoriety when it was announced thanks to the casting of "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn DiScala, then quite literally disappeared from view for months. Today, however, those sickos at Upcoming Horror Movies have a new update that includes a look at the film’s killer, Jonah.

Artist Neal DeConte was contacted by Dark Ride helmer Craig Singer to do a maquette of Jonah and has posted a series of images of said mock-up on his official site. Pretty creepy looking guy if you ask me, though I wonder how easily he can kill wearing what looks like a straight jacket... hit the link above for some more angles on Jonah.

And in case you forgot, Dark Ride is the story of a group of college kids being picked off by a psycho, presumably Jonah, at an abandoned amusement park. Hit this link and go to "recent films" on the left to check out the film’s trailer.

- Johnny Butane

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