The Horrors of SXSW

I really wanted to make it out to South by Southwest this year, but the dates of the show, March 9th-17th, are way too close to our own Fear Fest convention, running the following week, and that’s just too many trips to Texas for me.

The folks over at Cinematical got a very cool update on the show that has me kicking myself for this decision all over again. Eli Roth will be in attendance this year, sitting in on a panel called Panel of the Dead: Horror Films of Today with Harry Knowles moderating and Scott Glosserman (director of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon), Cabin Fever/Borderland producer Lauren Moews and crictic Scott Weinberg also taking part. In addition to that, Roth will be showing off the first clip from his latest gore epic, Hostel: Part II.

Reason enough to kick yourself for not going, right? I have a few more if you’d like them: Borderland, Mulberry Street (pictured), Grimm Love, Sisters and Them (aka Ils) will be premiering at the festival this year. That’s a pretty damn fine lineup if you ask me. Hit the Cinematical link above for a quick description of them if they’re not ringing any bells.

More info on South by Southwest is waiting for you right here!

- Johnny Butane

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