Tech Support of the Dead!

Dread Central buddy and Vampira P.A. Cris Spencer sent us a link to a new webseries he produced called ./shutdown. It isn't exactly horror, but there are some zombies in the first episode, one of which is Troma's Lloyd Kaufman. (Hope he doesn't charge me a dollar for typing his name.)

./shutdown follows a pretty simple but funny premise: "Lodged in the world of I.T. and living by the code of the geek, Simon fumbles his way through life all while trying to keep his job. A monthly Internet TV show, ./shutdown explores all that is geek and nerd. From the spires of BlackRock to the cry of the shiryoken, nothing is sacred."

Check out the first episode of ./shutdown here, and let us know what you think.

Zombie Kaufman?

- Kryten Syxx

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