Tartan Titles, Dates

Tartan nabs Shutter rightsGood news for those of you, like me, who’ve been hearing a lot about the Thai horror film Shutter (pictured) for the past few years but have yet to get a chance to see it: Tartan has nabbed the DVD distro rights for the States with an eyeball on releasing it in March. No specifics on the features yet, but I’m sure we’ll get a dashing of good stuff.

They’ve also acquired the rights to Dorm, another horror entry from Thailand, about a haunted dorm room and the poor folks who have to deal with it with plans for a release sometime in May or June.

Finally, showing once again that they’re not just about the Asian goods, they’ve scooped up the rights for Taxidermia, a Hungarian film about three generations of men: a obese speed eater, an embalmer of gigantic cats, and a man who can shoot fire out of his penis. Yep, doesn’t get much odder than that, so good on Tartan for taking a chance!

There may be a theatrical release for Taxidermia this April, but time will tell. Keep it here for more info as we acquire it!

- Johnny Butane

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