Spanish [REC] TV Spots

REC is in Spanish theaters this Friday!This Friday, November 23rd, [REC] (review) will finally arrive in Spanish cinemas. Early word is that it’s going to scare a shitload of people; hell, they’re even showing audience reaction in one of three TV spots that were just put up on Aullidos!

The film, helmed by Jaume Ballaguero and Paco Plaza, deals with a reporter who becomes trapped in an apartment complex when some sort of virus breaks out and makes the residents therein turn into monstrous, blood-starved beasts. That’ll ruin your weekend.

Check out the [REC] TV spots here and keep an ear open for U.S. release plans; I just hope we get to see it Stateside before the remake, Quarantine, is done.

- Johnny Butane

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